Like growing Asian ornamentals

gotedDecember 10, 2005


I like to grow trees, shrubs, perennials from Asia. I especially like growing stuff from seed.

Look forward to hearing from members in Asia but of course anyone who loves growing plants from Asia also.

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I'd love to try growing Mucuna birdwoodiana and Mucuna sempervirens--if I could find seed.


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Lukmee(Thailand CMai)

Here in Northern Thailand Mucuna Benettii is very easy to find (at flower market for 2 to 3 US$) - also with the same look (but not the same specie) Stronglyodon Macrobotrys !
I just had a look in google for birdwoodiana - it seems well known in Hkong -


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Not quite sure how to define asian ornamentals. I grow bromeliads, draceana, heliconia, ginger, palms, lotus, cyathea, platycerium, angiopteris, pachypodium, papyrus, cycad, yucca, acer, colocasia, pitcher plants,lavender ....

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Hi Hanwc,

Just curious to know which Acer species you grow.
Thanks! And welcome to the forum!

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Hi goted,

Honestly I don't know which type of maple tree I'm having. Unlike the Canadian or Australia maple tree that has big leaves, mine has small leaves with a length of 2 inches(just like the Japanese maple). Because here is all year Summer, so I have to remove the leaves twice a year so that I can enjoy the seasonal color change of the leaves.

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