What are you all growing?

lucy(6)December 10, 2005

Hi, what qualifies as Asian on this forum? I might be growing something and not even know it!

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daai_tou_laam(Hong Kong)

I just picked a few pomegranates. Also have figs and osmanthus and michelia alba that have flowered/fruited. Some less than a year old jackfruit, mangos, durians, lychee and euphorbia antiquorum and very small guava and lemons and pomelo and passiflora and sugar apples.

Just starting the winter crops of baak choi and dao miu.

Just picked up some hedychium coronarium and some prickly pear while walking around yesterday.

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tintin002(z9 LA)

Hi all,

I'm growing brocoli, caulifower, brussel sprout,cilantro, garlic, lettuce, green onion, catalope, spinach... ohhh wait up........! i know i know, it's not so asian with all those right?
well, that's all i can plant for now. And i'm happy with just those, cus i know right now lotsssssssss of people are planting SNOWS.
WAITTTTT, I still have a lemongrass bush :o)
also a pair of bantam chickens, a rooster and a hen, so far i got 3eggs, soon i'll have bunch of little chicks.... YEEEEPY!!!!!

Nice To Meet You All;

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Hello... I just joined today and this will be my first post on Garden Web. I've got a lucky bamboo plant. I guess that counts as Asian. Its leaves have been turning yellow. Is it supposed to do that in winter?

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smalljaw(z 6b mid TN)

I am growing a bunch of everything . I like Helwingia , Hamamelis , Acers ,Disporum , Corylopsis , Prunus mume , Edgeworthia etc.. I mix it up kinda like Frank Zappa meets Gordon Lightfoot . I would figure out exactly what bamboo you have then look it up using a search engine .

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Cady(6b/Sunset34 MA)

I have bantams too. Nankins, cochins (both are Asian breeds - Nankins are from Indonesia, cochins are from China), and some others. They are laying eggs but I don't want chicks until spring.

My garden is sleeping for the winter, but there are many Asian bamboos there, and they are green and beautiful. Inside, I have some Japanese shiso seeds, which I will plant in pots and put on a sunny windowsill.

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madeira(kanto, JAPAN)

I just planted tons of daffodils and lilies. Otherwise, winter is about to start and we're trimming trees and bushes like crazy. Camelias are blooming. Cosmos just finished. Orange trees in the neighborhood are loaded. We picked ginko nuts a few weeks ago. The bay trees are fine, as usual.. and starting to grow into the neighbor's roof.

The basil just finished... I finally let it go to seed. I'm hoping it will come back by itself next year. It grows really well here! (So do wild potatoes... they're like a weed.) Tomatos also did well. Leeks were a disaster... something ate them down to the roots in one day. I had no time to do anything to help them. One day they were fine, the next a bit yellowish, then GONE.

It's a bit chilly but sunny every day! We don't usually get snow here, hopefully this winter will be no exception. It's kind of like my hometown, Victoria. A little bit of snow shuts a lot of things down.

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zeta9(Ultra Tropics)

I'm in Asia (Singapore), but I must confess the 'grass is a little greener on the other side'... i love brugmansias! hang around that forum frequently.

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pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)

I will be growing many Asian ingredients this season, as always, and, as always, the numbers have increased again! This year there will be three Thai peppers, including the trusty dragon, hanoi market, dong xung, assam, japones, and probably some I forgot. I will be trying a smaller wax melon - khao nuan, fong san improved Chinese cabbage, summer boy bok choy, a couple new basils, along with the standby, siam queen, two new cilantros, which I hope work better than the ubiquitous "slobolt" everyone carries, and 4 new eggplants, some of which are supposed to be very early. Oh, and a couple hundred scallions and bulbs of garlic, of course. And this isn't including the non-asian food!

Some people wonder when I have time to eat it. Believe me...I find time!


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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

I am growing mangos (5 years old) and jackfruits (2 years old.

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zeta9(Ultra Tropics)

Pepperhead: how do you cook those chinese/asian vegetables like Bak Choy...etc? Stir fried?


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Stir fry Bak Choy is good or you can add them in noodle soup or soup alone. You may want to do a recipe search under Bak Choy. They can be cook as cabbage would.

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Cady(6b/Sunset34 MA)

Just added guava, jasmine, a passiflora. I have some citrus seeds to plant, though I don't know what they'll become. Likely they're hybrids of limes, oranges and kumquats.

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i was giving a date tree and know noting about it .any information? please help!!!

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Pepperhead, have you planted the Fong San cabbage yet? It's a variety I'm curious about since I heard it was supposed to be heat resistant.

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I am in Upstate NY just between zone 4 and 5. This year I am growing Asian cucumbers, yard long beans, hairy melon, winter melon, luffa, bitter gourd, amaranth (hin choy), Chinese broccoli, choy sum, garlic chives (perennial), cilantro, scallions, ong choy (also known as cang kong), and Chinese wolfberry (a perennial--can't recall the Latin name). In terms of non-Asian vegetables, I am growing sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, Swiss chard, asparagus (second year only), summer squash, and winter squash. We have had a tremendous amount of rain, and the garden is not flourishing as it did last year. My passion for growing gives me my nickname of Greenfingers, but where are the Green Thumbs???? I will post some pictures (when the weather allows me to take them) if anyone is interested.

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Hi all,

my first time gardening and get hooked right away. I'm growing choy sum, bok choy, water spinach also known as kangkong, chinese celery, thai basil, snow pea also called tomiau in chinese (usually stir fried with garlic and it's pretty awesome), Kailan, longan, coriander, wong bok or chinese cabbage, and other non asian like cos lettuce, basil, spinach...

it all started when i wanted to grow cawwots for my bunny wabbit, without me realising, i'm buying seeds online, sowing in peat pellets and buying study lamps to place on top of the seedlings. all in less than 2 months.. *gasp*

i know not all can be grown all year but i'm in denial... i want it and i want it NOW! we'll see what happens..
plus, there's only 4 hours of sunlight in melbourne, australia..we are heading for a cold winter, i move my seedlings in pots few times a day to get as much sunlight as possible.. (crazy.. i know)

ok, i've been summoned to give a belly rub to my bunny.

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Hi, haven't checked out Gardenweb for about a decade, but my username still works,+ I can't figure out how to update contact info. During winter I grow green beans, peas, broccoli, parsnip, Irish potato, carrot, turnip, Chinese cabbage. Perennials are sweet potatoes, chaya, chayote, edible luffa, water chestnuts, ornamental lotus (but we eat it!) water celery, water mimosa, katuk, pigeon peas, hyacinth beans, arrowhead, pineapples. Summer, spring +fall yardlong beans, crowder peas, eggplants, Malabar spinach, baby corn, and am going to try jicama + cassabanana. Does anyone have ANY idea where I can find large sized lotus roots for purchase?Found an Asian grocery here while traveling that has baseball sized Lotus roots but they lack the growth buds. My ornamrrntl lotus are 3 years old and haven't flowered yet and every year the roots seem smaller. Leave me a request to contact u if u can help me find these, please!!!

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Nice thread. At the moment (and all year round actually): ginger, yard long beans, two different cucumbers, bunching onions, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, kapook baan (don't know the English name, liliaceae), basil, passiflora, chilli, maize, aubergines and chives. Outside of the garden we have mangoes, limes, pappaya, garlic, and some weird stuff that only the Thais like to eat.

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Here are some of the stuff I growing that I think are Asian...

Three types of hyacinth beans
Rice beans
Wing beans
Long beans
Moth beans (everything is eating these)

Two species of japanese squash
Winter mellon long (tankoy) (Having problems "starting" the big fat ones.)
Bitter mellon (damn pill bugs keep eating my sprouts)
Both types of sponge gourds

Little Chinese red shallots (They are the only ones that do well for me.)
Bunch onions
Garlic chives

Lemon grass
Sweet potatoes

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Chinese dogwoods, Japanese maples, Himalayan rhododendrons, and Korean Firs.

Here is a link that might be useful: My garden pics

This post was edited by mikebotann on Wed, Jul 2, 14 at 10:00

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