Yellowing Lucky Bamboo Leaves

xxx_Black_Dragon_xxx(California)December 22, 2005

I've had my lucky bamboo plants for a while now, but I haven't been paying very close attention to it very much until these last few weeks. It leaves are turning a bit yellow. It's winter here in California, but the temperature doesn't drop lower than 50 or 60 degrees fahrenheit. It's growing in water and gravel, the lucky bamboo has had plenty of water although it isn't drowning in the water, and it doesn't get too much or too little sunlight. I haven't used plant food. Is the reason why its leaves are yellowing is because it needs plant food or it naturally loses its leaves in the winter?

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dirt_dew(z9 az)

They do NOT lose their leaves in winter. The leaves should not turn yellow. Lucky Bamboo thrives in pure water without soil or gravel. If it is in gravel, with no soil, the roots need to be covered by the water at all times. I have mine in water only and change the water occasionly. If you have it outside at 50F to 60°F, bring it inside immediately. They need very little or no fertilizer. Is the stem yellowing?

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My plants are indoors. I see one plant with a stalk that is yellowing more than the others, but that plant's leaves are green. The other plants are only a bit yellow.

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dirt_dew(z9 az)

If the stem is yellow you might want to cut it above the yellow and put the green part in water to start new roots. If they are indoors, the outside temperatures do not matter. Be sure the roots are always covered by water. Cuttings root quickly and easily.
Healthy plants of Lucky Bamboo should be seen as you enter your home.
I wish you GOOD LUCK with your Lucky Bamboo!

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Lucky bamboo is actually a type of Dracaena plant. It should eventually be planted in dirt. The yellowing leaves sometimes mean that the roots are too abundant to remain in water and the plant wants to be planted in dirt. Some people trim the roots and put back in water but I tried it and it died anyway. Do a google search of Dracaenas plants and you should get info on how it care for it. Good luck.

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madeira(kanto, JAPAN)

I'm no expert, but I have a lucky bamboo. Mine went yellow when it was getting some sunshine on it. Now that it's far away from the windows it's fine.

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Yes Lucky Bamboo is a Draceana plant. Planted in the ground or pot in warm climates, it can grow up to 5-6 feet tall and its leaves can grow up to 8-10 inches long. Cutting the stems and letting it thrive in water is like making a "bonsai" out of it...limiting its nutrition and growth. If kept out of sunlight, it will be fine. Once it is exposed to sunlight, it should be fertilized or maybe planted in soil to have more nutrients for photosynthesis otherwise it would starve, thus turning yellow.

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)

If it's not too late to chime in, I've been filling an empty water bottle with our tap water and wait a few days to let the chemicals evaporate before using it on the Bamboo plants. I made the mistake of filling up their water straight from the tap, and within days, the leaves started to turn yellow. Once I did (what I wrote above), the plants recovered. Good luck! Barb

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Can I just say, because I've owned way too much of this beautiful novelty, that this happens to a lot of peoples bamboo. Once it happens, it spreads to the other bamboo too, so trim the yellow right away. I've stopped buying multiples, and have one tall healthy stalk in a funky thin vase all by itself. It's on my nightstand and I pretty much leave it alone, the water doesn't change or anything, and it's healthy and lush. So, consider buying just one nice one. I got mine at IKEA for like 2 bucks and the vase for a dollar. :)

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Hey everyone. I have a group of three lucky bamboos growing on my desk at work. Therefore, the temperature is constant and there isnt too much sunlight (it is sitting next to a sealed shut window but i blocked the sunlight with a box). I also allow the tap water to sit out for a week before using it. They are planted in soil. So they started yellowing about half a year ago (maybe more) and it started from the lower leaves and continued up the stalks, but only the tips of the leaves are yellow. I make sure that I water them every 3-5 days or whenever I see the water level drop. So, could it be that it has sucked all the nutrients out of the soil or that even the little tiny bit of sunlight it gets is too much? Thanks!

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The Yellow leafs can be 3 things.
1)to much sun.
Move out of the sun.
If the stalk is yellow cut above the yellow. clean the stalk with DI water(The salts and other things in tap water can harm the fresh cells at the cut). If any other plants are in the same water as the one with yellow stalk wash the other stalks and roots as well. Also wash the container with soap(Rinse WELL IF YOU DON'T IT WILL DAMAGE THE PLANT) Keep changing the water every week.
3)Lack of nutrients
Giving the plant Nitrogen Fertilizer will bring out dark green color in plants. Give half or less the amount recommended on the package.

Tip: You can add nutrients to water by adding air to the water. Place the water in the blender or shake up the water in a clean jug or cup.

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I've noticed yellowing and browning leaf tips on my lucky bamboo too, along with some unsightly yellow splotches near the tips. The plant is just in gravel and water, and in going to clean out the pot, I noticed a crusty mineral scale all over the submerged parts of the stems and inner part of the pot! Guess that was my problem! I rinsed and filled with water that had been filtered and then allowed to sit a few days. We'll see if the lucky bamboo will be happier now. :)

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at home depot,they sell like 10 inch stalks about 12 or 13 in a group for 9.98 plus tax. Your plant probably needs to be planted in soil. i recommend the miracle gro flower and vegetable soil. thats what i use and the plants are a dark green even though i bought it a really light green.

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Hello: My bambo just turn yellow at the stakes, a group of three, two are yellow but have green leaves, the other one is fine. what should I do? thank you.

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I received a good luck bamboo plant for my birthday from a fried,I am neww to this plant and don't know anything about growing or taking care of them.I have my plant in a nice pot,I can't see through the pot,I don't know how much water to keep in the pot,Do I cover the plant and rocks all the way to the top of the pot,or do I just try to keep the roots covered?Also I had my plant sitting in my bathroom,but I noticed that one of the stems turned yellow,I cut the yellow part off below the yellowing part of the stem.If you can suggest anything to help me keep my plant in good condition.

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I have had my plant for two years its leaves are starting to turn yellow. I'm wondering if its getting to big for the pot. Its in gravel and water. Help

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