Orange amaryllis question?

honeybunny2(Z9TX)February 21, 2011

I have some bulbs blooming dark orange. They are beautiful! I thought they were all Orange Soverign. They are the same color and size from the front, I noticed that the backs are diffrent. One has a beautiful wide white stripe, the other has almost purplish and green back. Can anyone tell me which one is Orange Soverign, could the other one be Naranja? I need to label them correctly. This is getting confusing. I thought there was only one dark orange. I have spent hours online looking at pictures, trying to figure this out, but they only show the front of the bloom. Barbra

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Hi Barbra.

If one is looking for a way to drive oneself crazy, trying to ID orange amaryllis' is a good way to do it ;-)

Directly above the word clippings on the first page of posts, there is a search box, type in orange amaryllis press go (I just did) and you will bring up 36 older posts some on the exact subject you wish, IDing orange flowers...lots of pictures of other people's orange flowers and maybe you can find some information that will help you. I have Desire, Orange Sovereign and Naranja..Desire has the most white on the back of the flowers, but Desire is a salmon orange with a pink heart and pinkest midribs. You would probably know if you had that one. There are MANY other oranges out there that I don't have, It is difficult and don't be dismayed if you can't properly ID your flowers, just add a ? after your label, we all do it..! Good Luck!

I didn't post any faces of my orange flowers but if you want me to I will, I just didn't want to confuse you any further.


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Donna, thanks. I have read until I cannot read anymore. I give up! They are all beautiful, and I am happy to have them. I will just plant them without labels, and keep the same color blooms together. Barbra

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Just finished moving the bulbs around, I ended up with two diffent oranges. One has much larger blooms, that look down. The other have smaller blooms, with beautiful white and orange stripped backs. They are my stargazers. Both, beautiful! Barbra

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