HAVE: Japanese pickling eggplant & sesame

oliveoyl3January 16, 2012

I have an early maturing variety of Japanese pickling eggplant from Seeds of Change that produces 10-16" fruit 1-2" diameter in 70-75 days. It needs a long warm growing season to produce, but our summers are cool & short.

Also have afghani sesame, Sesamum indicum 3-4' plant widely grown for nutritious tan seeds. Needs hot weather & 110 days to mature.

Both need a long warm growing season to produce, but our summers are cool & better suited for other asian vegetables

Chinese broccoli or kale, Brassica. oleracea var alboglabra (white flowering broccoli)

Chinese cabbage B. rapa var pekinensis (esp. loose ones semi-headed or fluffy top)

Chinese celery cabbage, Pak Choi, Brassica rapa var chinesis

Mustard Spinach, B. rapa var pervirdis (Komatsuna)

Perilla, purple (Shisho or Beefsteak plant)

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