WANTED: Sichuan Flower Pepper, Tea, White Tea, Galangal

lion(9)April 28, 2006

Don't mind viable seeds, tubers, or cuttings in exchange for my plants:

Phyllostachys edulis bamboo

Arundo donax reed

Dwarf taro

Phyllostachys edulis var flavicarpa (Lilikoi yellow passionfruit)

Polygonatum multiflorum (fo-ti/ho-shou-wo)

Maroon variegated Japanese variegated Acorus calamus

Pink and Yellow Lilies

Dwarf cattails

Euphorbia spiralis(spiral surge - reputed cancer cure)

Weeping willows

Blue fescue (festuca glauca)

Japanese Bloograss a.k.a. fountain grass

White Fir seedlings for bonzai

Variegated spider a.k.a. airplane plant

(Will check for purple leafed cherry plum upon request.)

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Pardon the typo, which I was unable to edit after posting.

The Japanese calamus has white stripes.
The pink and yellow lilies have maroon pads.

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