HAVE: Shark Fin Melons aka Malabar Squash

winane(z9 CA)April 24, 2005

These are mostly prized by Chinese who uses them for soup. This is a fairly unknown Winter Squash in the United States but is popular in Europe. This has a very large yield for those that have long summers but otherwise the young squash can be used like summer squash. It has very vigorous vine growth so you must have a spacious area for it. Email me only if you are truely interested.

The only item I am looking for is Romanesco Costata summer squash if not...SASE is okay too.

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Not looking for anything specific. If anything interest you. email me.

Asian Winter Melon (Wax Gourd)(Round and Oblong)
Bitter Melon
Baby Bak Choy
Edible Rape (Yu Choy Sum)
Golden Glower Kale "Kai lan fa"(Brassica Alboglabra)
Amaranth (red stripe)
Amaranth Whiteleaf (white round leaf)
Chinese celery
Nappa Cabbabe
Large Chinese Michihli
White turnip
Red turnip
Green turnip (aka: "green carrot")
"Seven leaf red" raddish
Turnip (Hakurei Hybrid)
Squash (Early White Bush)
Eggplant (black beauty)
Mustard Tendergreen

Garlic Chives (flat tender leaves)
Thai Basil (anise basil)
Basil (Siam Queen)
Sweet Basil (Italian)
Mint (spearmint)
Parlsey (moss Curled)

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