HAVE: Have Burdock running out of my ears

mendozam(z8 TX)September 6, 2004

I have way too much burdock seed. The name of the cultivar is "Shirohada." My grow out from Ferry Morse seeds. I let too many go to seed. It was an ugly experience- just a warning- they make plenty of seed if allowed. See my list for other haves and wants...

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I am interested in your burdock & others on your list:
White Lima from Panama (small type)
Tarahumara Popping Sorgham-
Edible Burdock "Shirohada" (Arctium lappa)
Cyclanthera pedata "Caigua" (limited amounts)
Melothria scabra "Mexican sour gherkin" (a few tiny trades)
Momordica charantia "Bittter Melon" light green, toothed
PawPaw (Asimina triloba)
Devil's Claw- Pima Bajo

Please see my list. I also have salvia apiana, salvia mellifera, horehound, wild dagga. Thanks.

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Hi Im just getting interested in Asian vegs. and if you see anything you want to trade on my trade list.Ive got some devils claw too mine are black seeded been growing them up north here for about 5yrs.

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hi i have onions several types email me

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