Curry Leaf plant - Is this drying or dying?

DocHudson(6 / NYC)January 10, 2014

In an attempt to grow a curry leaf plant, I got one from the nursery and one is growing from the seed. The plant from the nursery went through some rough time in the past but survived. Now it seems getting worse. looks like drying, but watering is not helping.

I used to water daily during summer, but now its every alternate day. The pictures follow so that it gives a good idea of the setup and the plant itself.

The other plant, from the seed is doing well, at least looks like it.

The whole setup looks as follows.

It will be great if some expert can comment on this. What do I do to get this plant up and running again.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S. to mods - pls delete previous thread with similar message body. I managed to delete the files after the message was submitted. Apologies.

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No expert here. But--have you checked for any mites? Also, just in my experience, drain the water completely when you water. Don't let the water sit in the tray under the pot as sometimes, the water sours. How good is the soil? I have my curry tree seedlings in pots. They seem to like a regular feeding and really good drainage. Also, the tap root is really sensitive. Mine remained as your picture for months when I first got them and transplanted them. Then, they took off. Then, one didn't. Moody. That's what. Just try to make it past the first year and they should do well.
As for your mint. Is it dormant? Mine goes dormant every once in a while. Looks like it's dead--then, suddenly, there it is again.
If this didn't help, I hope someone who knows more can chime in.
Good Luck.

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