Questions - Chinese cucumber, futsu squash, etc.

mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)January 18, 2005


I'm new to this forum, but will probably end up being a regular, due to the amount of Asian vegetable seeds I have been ordering:).

I was wondering about the Chinese yellow cucumber. I ordered the seeds a few days ago. How do you like it? It's supposed to have great yields. I like the color too. I try to grow anything that looks different!

I understand the long bean is very popular here. I ordered the Chinese mosaic long bean - can't wait to try that out! I also ordered hin choy (hope this is the same as tricolor amaranth), green yard long bean, black futsu squash, kazakh melon, Thai green pea eggplant, loofa gourd, tigger melon, and edible chrysanthemum. I read in one catalog that the black futsu squash requires a pollinator nearby, such as a butternut, buttercup, or hubbard squash. Is that right? None of the other catalogs mentioned it. Also, the luffa I ordered is Luffa cylindrica - is that the same as the angled gourd?

Is it true that Thai green pea eggplant won't produce the first year? I live in a hot climate; don't know if that makes a difference.

Thanks alot,

~Mesquite Ent~

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Luffa cylindrica is the smooth luffa. I like it better than the angled luffa because smooth luffa is easier to peel. The taste is very similar.
BTW, where did you order these seeds? They sound yummy.

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mesquiteent(z6b WestTX)

I ordered the seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery. They have lots of good seeds!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nichols Garden Nursery

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