Re-bloomers: Alfresco. Peach Parfait. Gervase, and Flaming Peacoc

dondelduxFebruary 18, 2012

Hi, Here are a few more re-bloomers from last year and beyond..I bought Peach Parfait last year from WFF and they were calling it such..this year I'm sure the same flower was sold as Apricot Parfait..don't know why the name change, but the flower is a beauty and a great performer...Thanks for looking,


and with Alfresco which I've had for 3 years..

the second year for Flaming Peacock and with much more color than last year..

Gervase blooms twice a year for me and is it looks like there are some seedpods setting on her, and the strange thing is that I never put any pollen on so if they are true, then they are selfs..I will watch this carefully as I've never been able to do anything with her pollen nor does she ever set seedpods..

and finally old reliable (4 yrs) Red Pearl..only 2 flowers this year but what a show..

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Beautiful flowers! Peach p and Gervase are on my list now!

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I like how the bold stripes of red run through the petals of Gervase. I'm surprised it wasn't named Candy Cane.

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Donna, what beautiful bloomers you have! I especially like Red the dark red veins!

Should you have any seeds of any of these to share, spare me some. Many thanks in advance.


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Dragonstone..I think there may already is a hippie named Candy Cane (I'm not 100% sure but.. I think so) and Xuan, I only had two flowers on this scape of Red Pearl and I daubed Lima on one and didn't do anything with the other..both are still alive so if either of them produce anything you are more than welcome..will keep you posted if anything comes of it. I do have a Royal Velvet slowly opening and I have the pollen of Red Pearl, would you be interested in a cross between those two..and I also have a Benfica starting to open..let me know what would please you and I'll make a cross or two for you...

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Those are beautiful blossoms, Donna. Your photos are an inspiration for me to spend some mula this fall to get some less common bulbs.

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Donna, the pictures are great! I'm really excited to hear about your Gervase making seeds after being selfed. Before I even got my bulbs I made a list of crosses I wanted to make and selfing my Gervase is on that list. I also wanted to cross Royal Velvet and Benfica in hopes of creating an even darker red. Of course I haven't studied genetics, but I'm sure there would be a few more deep red flowers to grow at least. If the timing is right, I'll try to self Temptation as well, and maybe try a cross with Gervase. Papilio will probably miss out this mating season.


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Thanks Everyone!!

Xuan, I just noticed that I DO have another scape growing on my Red Pearl so I will definitly self one pod for you!!

Jared, Gervase is notorious for not setting seedpods..with its own pollen or someone elses..I have had this bulb for 3 years and it blooms twice a year and nary a seedpod. They usually go so far and then abort. This year strangely enough they look better than most years and I DID NOT even bother to self it so if they mature it will be very strange. Gervase's stigma sticks way out far away from the anthers so selfing would have taken quite a feat..And I didn't have a window open for the wind to blow pollen around..Will see what happens, but give anything and everything a try that suits your fancy, sometimes you just get a few seeds and that's good enough...

Speaking of Royal Velvet, mine is just opening (taking forever) and RV is one of these (like Charisma) with a very short stigma that more often than not gets contaminated before the flower even opens as the pollen sacs open inside the flower before the flower is even open and you really have to make an effort to get the pollen out before the flower is barely open..pollen is dripping all over the place.. I think I'll take a look and see if I'm not too late to de-pollen a flower or two on my reluctant Royal Velvet..Best of luck with that one too...

Oh, and one more thing, I do have some seeds that were given to me..a cross of Jasmine (an Aussie) x Gervase and they are good sized..(large grape) so his pollen will work on someone else given the right partner...!

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Donna, some selfed seeds of Red Pearl would be great for me. I just love those dark red veins so much!

Many thanks in advance.


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Lovely blooms, will have to add Flaming Peacock & Peach Parfait to my want list. I have the others, just not blooming yet!

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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