Dealing with aphids and other bugs

srilunewgardenerJanuary 12, 2013

This is my first year of gardening. I planted okra, indian cucumeber(Dosa Kaya), Gongura, clusted beans and some other vegetables in March. I started picking up okra and gongura by may/june. But, Okra and Gongura were badly infected with Aphids and I had to chop off the entire plant.They both were yeilding very well when the Aphid problem started and I didn't know how to control them. I lost them completely. My cucumber and cluster beans also got some decease and dead withing few days after the desease started. We worked really hard to make the garden beds and plant the garden and were left with great disappointment. Please let me know how to deal with these pests and deceases to be better prepared for the next season. I really prefer organic solution.
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Aphids can be controlled by a spraying of water with a little dish soap added. If you can find the ants they also can be killed with this same solution. deceases are carried by the bugs. You might want to take some pictures of those plants and check with your local extension agent so they can give you a much better answer to your problem.

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Thank you for the reply. I am familiar with the soap water solution for Aphids. But I got aphid when the plants were big and bushy and they used to be on the leaf's back side. I was not sure how to spray the back side of that many leaves. I tried spraying Neem oil. But it didn't work.
Who is 'local extension agent'? Did you mean some one who works at the garden center at HD or Lowes?
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