Jicama- what side is up, when planting?

dirtslinger2(6)January 18, 2009

Both sides looks the same to me...

Which side is planted pointing up?

Thanks again!

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Where do you find Jicama seeds?
Also where can I get Tindora and Paraval starter vines?
These are for growing in Vero Beach, Florida area.

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jay-wpb(10 FL)

You can find the seeds at ECHO on the West Coast. Look up their website - It is a not for profit organization helping to feed poor countries

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Hi Madan,

U can get Tindora plant from royalpatel.com I got mine in April (it was 6" with shipping it was $15) and now it is 4' in length and has set its first flower too. I live in phoenix.

I am also on the look out for Parval, please do let me know if u get the male & female vine of parval. I tried Echonet but they mailed that they did not have this plant.

Could u send me a mail if u get this plant? My mail id is ambadipudipadma@hotmail.com

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do you have jicama seeds?
I am looking for Tindora and Parval seeds and plants too.

do you have any other asian veg/herb seeds?
we can exchange seeds.
please contact.


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