Surti papdi

llaz(z6 ma)February 11, 2013

Does anyone have an opinion about whether or not I should be able to grow Surti Papdi Indian beans in Zone 6b? What is the English or scientific name for this plant?

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Probably. It seems to be a type of broad bean (Vicia faba)

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llaz(z6 ma)

Thanks. Maybe it's a fava bean that does well in warm weather. The pods are eaten with the young beans. I've never done that, but I know some people eat young favas, pods and all.

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I think there's a lot of confusion as to what species surti papdi actually refers to. It probably refers to different species in different regions.

In some regions, it definitely refers to Lablab purpureus, formerly known as Dolichos lablab. Common names include hyacinth bean, lablab, and Indian bean.

White hyacinth bean is more commonly grown in the north (white flowers, light green pods, tan dry mature beans) and the purple hyacinth bean is more commonly grown in the south (pink-purple flowers, purple pods, purple-brown dry mature beans).

One scientific paper refers to "surati papadi" as a cultivar of (Lablab purpureus (L.) sweet).

Others refer to them as a variety of broad beans, Vicia faba, that are eaten as (cooked) green beans.

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Pic. of Surti papdi

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