Source for Winter Melon?

queuetue(5a)February 3, 2009

I'd like to grow winter melon - I used to get winter melon cakes from an Asian grocery, and I miss them. Would they grow in my zone if I started them indoors, and can anyone suggest a source?

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I believe most Asian vegies need a long hot season? you may need to use black plastic mulch or some other season extenders? Try Kitazawa seeds, they have lots of great asian vegies.

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Evergreen seeds has 8 different cultivars of Wax Gourd/Winter Melon/Tung Qwa (Benincasa hispida) including a small 65 day cultivar from Chia Tai (Thailand) (Thai Small). Some cultivars of wax gourd ( there are well over 30)go over 50 pounds. Thai Small only goes 2-3 lbs.
Kitazawa has 4 cultivars,and a similar 70 day cultivar named Balloon at 2-3 lbs. Note that if you go to Kitazawa look under Gourds not melons.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wax Gourd

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