Purple sweet potato???

Sheila(8b SW Texas)February 24, 2005

Anyone growing these potatos? Do you know of a source for either the potato or the slips? Thx. Granniek

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taroandti.com sells them occassionally but their site is down right now. I've tried to sprout slips from tubers from the market but had no success.

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Anakaleki, where did you find a market that sold the ssweet potato? Sheila

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It's called Hong Kong Market, an Asian food market. The purple sweet potatoes are super expensive and I think they treat them in some way (like with hot water) that keeps them from sprouting. There are several locations in the Houston area. There's a huge mall-sized store in Chinatown that always has a wealth of grow-able produce and is where I get a lot of the ethnic plants I grow.

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bellie(7-B ..Va. Beach)

Yes they sell them at the oriental groceries but pricey. Good luck. Bellie

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jimrbto(Sunset Z11 CA)

You can get them from Kitasawa Seed Co.. You can phone them at 510-595-1188 or e-mail them at: kitaseed@pacbell.net
The asian name for them is "Murasaki Imo". You can also review their online seed catalog at www.kitazawaseed.com if you are interested in any other Asian veggies. These are wonderful people to deal with!!
One problem......due to agricultural restrictions they may not be able to ship tubers or plants to your state, the only way to find out is to ask them.
Good luck..........Jim

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jimihendrix(5b Ont.)

I tryed the purple with white inside as well as the copper ones with orange inside, all my copper ones sprouted my purple one sprouted the other died right after it sprouted the potato died and i got one sprout out of the two purple sweetpotatos i saved it and devide it two three in Febuary,it was realy quick in sprouting and died just as quick. the three purple have roots and i am hardening them off so i can plant them in the garden. I got space for 24 slips, i was just going to do the copper ones, but the purple was so hard to root to get slips i will also plant these 3, if they purple ones from the asian market are treated i must have got lucky to get it to sprout.. will save some of my own for next years crop. Thanks for the tips. Happy Gardening

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