How to plant the bitter melon

RoyWuMarch 31, 2011

Bitter Melon is a high yield plants, which have a well-developed root system,more lateral root, fouds of fertile and avoid waterlogging; fonds of light and intolerant to heat. 3 ways for sowing the bitter melon: grafting/direct sowing/transplainting.

The instruction as below:

1.Direct sowing or Transplanting

1.1.: Sowing----For Spring sowing, it unified in mid-late Feb. The seedling is cultured with nutrient pot, one seed per hole. After sowing, cover he low tunnel with thin nylon film. The seedling stage lasts for about 20days normally. The seedlings can be transplanted when they've grown out 2-3 pieces of main leaves. For Autumn sowing, it is usually arranged in late July to Aug.

We prefer the way of transplant.

1.2.: Preparation and Disinfection of nutrient soil

Breaken the dry land soil or pond scum soil, put the proper amount of the finished pig or cattle manure, and also a little compound fertilier, approximately 100g per 50KGS soil. Mixed them equally, pack the soil into bags, drenching the bags by 800-1000 times carbendazol or 400 times 50% Dexon powder one by one

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As the shell of the bitter melon's seed is thick and contain Wax, can't absorb water quickly, the method of sprouting as below:
*. Soaking the seeds in 50-60 centigrade degree water for 10-15 minutes, stiring while soaking untill the water's temperature reach the room's temperature, take it out 10-12 hours later
*. Get the seeds under the temperature 25-30 centigrade degree for pregermination for 48 hours, the seeds begin to germinate slowly, the speed depends on the room's temperature. (One thing should be paid attention: the mucus on the shell surface of the seeds must be cleared by clear water everyday, prevent the mildewing and rotting, improve the germination environments before germination)
*.After germination, broadcast the seeds to the seedbed or nutrient pot, watering timely till the seedlings come up totally.

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