Continue Bitter melon culture (Roy WU's way)

RoyWuMarch 31, 2011

Field preparation and plant setting

According to the characteristics of bitter melon, prefer to be cultured on the deep loam field with enough sunlight & organic matter, and well drainage and water retention ability; Avoid continuous culture on one place, the field should be rotated with non-melon crops for more than 3 years. Plough the soil deep and sunning it.

For field preparation, make ridge in 30cm height and 2.7 meters wide including ditch, a trench in the middle of ridge must be digged for the base manure, it's about 12,000-18,000 Kgs/acre, and 300kgs of 45% compound fertilizer(15N:15P:15K), and then earth up the trench.

Choose a sunny day for sowing. Dig planting hole by the planting distance of 60cm x 50 cm.

When sowing, tear off the nutrient bag and transplant the seedling with soil, cover the hole with soil to overtop the ridge surface slightly, pouring enough water.

Suggested culture thinly with flat shed.

Cultivate about 900-1200 plants per acre in Spring, and 1500-1800 in Autumn.

If using the "A" bracket, cultivate 1800-2400 plants per acre

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Daily Management
The fruiting period is long, enough water and fertilizer must be followed: the base manure be lighly in early, heavier in the middel period, and complementallly in late period.
* lightly supply one 10& human excreta after transplanting
* 20% human excreta after 8 days, adding 50grams urea per 25kgs.
* The 3rd-10th fertilizeration, add 60 kgs compound ferilizer per acre.
* At the begining of the blossom, dig a ditch in the middle of the ridge for top dressing 90 kgs of compound fertilizer per acre.
* During the fruit setting period, 90 kgs of compound fertilizer per acre every 10 days.
* When comes to the picking fastigium, process once improvement of fertility by broadcasting the fertilizer on bothe side of the ridge, and then cover with ditch soil, each acre supplied 180 kgs of compound fertilizer and 60 kgs of urea.
In addition, spray 2-3% monopotassium solution as top dressing constantly.
* Bitter Melon fonds of moisture but fears accumulated water, pls drain in time during the raining season, to prevent theroot from rotting in accumulated water.
* Supply enough water in drought weather, enought water is the guarantee of the high yield and quality.

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