Do you this tuber'koorka' or Chinese potato

lalitharMarch 12, 2012

This is a small tuber eaten in s.india and Sri Lanka. I have heard it called Koorka in Malayalam or Siri kizhngu in Tamil. Chinese potato seems to be commonly used but I am not sure if Chinese actually eat it.Wikipedia calls it a kind of coleus with edible tubers

It looks kind of small and dark and the skin is tough to clean.

koorka or Chinese potato

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Never heard or saw this plant.

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new_grdnr(z9 CA)

hi Lalitha, i love this vegetable but have not seen it in the US. please let me know if you are aware of any sources to purchase this plant or if you are willing to share some koorka corm with me. Thanks.

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I have never found a seed source for this. I did find frozen Chinese potato that is imported from Kerala.

So still hunting..

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new_grdnr(z9 CA)

I have also purchased the frozen 'cooked chinese potato' in Indian stores, which is not edible for planting. please do let me know if you find a source to purchase for planting purposes. good to know another person in search for the same veggie. thanks.

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I emailed, to see if they had any.
They have many plant not found in smaller Nurseries.
I though they had it, but I was thinking of the cinnamon vine. They have not replied yet on if they have added
Chinese Potatoes to the Nursery.

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Just bought this from plant sale. They said this is chinese potato and grows as a vine This is the first time I am growing this.

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JCTsai(8B - Jacksonville, FL)

Where did you buy it? what growing zone are you in?

not much information in the internet


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