How to grow wax gourd (winter melon)

Yazan(5)March 23, 2013

Hi everyone,

This year I am planning on growing wax gourd, I found some seeds at Kitazawa of an oblong variety and now I want to know how exactly to grow it, first these are my questions:

When to sow the seeds?
How many fruits per vine?
What are some pests and problems?
When to harvest?
Where should I grow it?

These are all my questions, any help would be appreciated,

Thank you,

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Hi Yazan,

I've grown winter melon for a few years.

I would sow the seeds when the soil is warmed; select a sunny location.
There are not pest or problems that I can remember.
They can be harvested anytime; as big as you want. My mom has grown some that are 5-10 lbs. They will get fuzzy waxy skin.

I have some that came up in my mulch pile:) Need to transpalnt them.

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HI Yazzan,
You can nick the seeds and cover them with wet tissue and keep them in ziplock for couple of days. They will sprout. Then you can plant them in small pots till they get 5,6 leaves. Then plant them in ground. They sprout faster this way.
They need sunny spot

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