Last year's Malabar Spinach, Red Vine

lnewportMarch 29, 2010

Hi everyone,

My mother last year gave me a pot with Malabar Spinach growing it. The vines came back on their own for several years.

I transplanted the spinach into a garden box where it grew crazy. The stuff died over the winter and we had a really good freeze this year. I haven't seen it come back and I was wondering if it's too soon and it will come back or did the freeze manage to kill it off?

Would be sad if it killed it off since my mom had the spinach growing nearly wild at her house.

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Ok just some more information .... I suspect they are gone but just to get some more opinions/experiences.

I went out to the garden box which they were growing and looked at the roots. A few of the roots were mushy (gone) but several were solid and white.

My mom thinks they came back from the root (I believe) so is there a chance they will come back? LOL my digging around may have also done killed them if the cold didn't.


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Malabar spinach has seeds and when those seeds fall and sprout, you should get new plants. I would wait till the weather is about 75+ F. They are warm weather plant and I have seen new plants coming up every year from seeds that have fallen all over my bed. I don't think the old vine is alive. You could wait till the weather is warm to see if the vine comes back, if not you will have to pull it out ;(

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Thanks NCA270. I bought some seeds if they don't come back I'll probably plant some. Also my mom told me she can get some more from her friends so I'm in luck!

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