defoliating moringa leaflets

jay-wpb(10 FL)March 19, 2009

I visited the ECHO farm day in South Florida this weekend. They were exalting the benefits of the moringa leaflets - full of vitamins, iron, protein - the works.

Is there a simple way to separate the leaflets from the leaves to cook as a spinach? It seems a real painstaking process to pull one at a time.

How do you chop up the leaflets? They are so small you can't really grab on to them to cut it.

Drying the leaves and powdering it is an option - but not a tasty one.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Believe it or not, I grow ECHO's Moringa (Moringa oleifera) in my garden here, started as transplants. Of course, only as an annual this far North... but they still get to 3 feet tall by summer's end, after several pickings. Tried their African Moringa too, but it was less vigorous, and inferior in quality.

Always get very high germination with ECHO's Moringa seed, 75% or better. But since you are in Florida, you might be able to try branch cuttings, if you can find a tree to take them from.

No easy way to harvest the leaves, I'm afraid. You can strip off some of the leaves (my wife's pretty good at it) but you'll get a few of the smaller stems, so there's still some hand picking involved.

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Try this.
Hold the leaf axil at the node attached to the branch in a loosely tight fist and gently pull to the end of the leaf.You will have few detached leaflets in your moving fist.You will need to practice this few times in the beginning.

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