Indian leafy veggies full sun or shade

srilunewgardenerMarch 7, 2012


I am planning to grow vegetables in my yard. I have some full sun area and some shady area. How do I distribute my vegetables between those two regions? I am planning to grow tomato, bell peppers, cluster bean, okra, Indian eggplant, spinach, gongura, thotakuta(Amaranth) and Bachali. My plan is to plant all the leafy greens in the shade and others in full sun. I live in texas, where the temperatures are above 100s for atleast a month. I get 2-3 hrs of direct sun in the shady region.Please let me know if I can plant the Indian greens in shade?

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You are planning is O.K. for Texas weather.
Good luck.

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Thank you Chaman

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Amaranth will take full heat in AZ summer. I grew a red variety, not sure what kind and I had it on the west wall, in a little flower bed on the sidewalk where nothing will grow because of heat. Okra and amaranth are the only thing I've ever kept alive over the summer, although they are way too large for the size of the planter, they flourished last summer. We had the hottest summer on record and the amaranth went insane.
Watch for caterpillars.. Some kind of caterpillar was stripping the leaves off and I had to pick the little guys off as they stripped the leaves completely bare.

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Good selection. Except for Bachchali and Spinach all did well last summer with the horrid summer in Dallas area. every plant you mentioned need good sun excluding spinach and Bachchali.

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