Golden Sweet and other Asian melons

fliptx(Houston 9)March 20, 2006

I have some Golden Sweet melon seeds coming. I know very little about this cultivar except that I've seen it on some Asian seed sites. Has anyone grown it? What kind of growth habit does it have? I'm wondering if I can grow it in a container or if I should find a place in the yard for it.

What other Asian melons have you grown? I'm tempted by the Extra Summer Sweet melon but I have no idea how much space it would take up in my little garden.

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

Extra Summer Sweet is a great little melon. It may remind you some of a Charentais, but is less likely to split in our climate. Mine were usually bigger than 2 pounds. The vines takes about as much space as a typical cantaloupe - that is, considerable space.

You could probably grow both it and Golden Sweet on a sturdy wire fence or trellis, but you would have to make some little cloth 'cradles' for the Extra Summer Sweet, at least, as they neared maturity. Last year, I used squares of cheap muslin as 'melon slings' and hung them by the four corners from a four-foot fence, either by tying or with a big safety pin. Sort of reminded me of those pictures of a stork flying with a baby in a bundle. I think I usually picked Extra Summer Sweet at forced slip.

I bought seed for some other orange-fleshed melons from Evergreen this year, too. Maybe I'll have a report next year.

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fliptx(Houston 9)

Carolyn- thanks. I think I'll save the Extra Summer Sweet for when I have more room! :)

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