HELP! Indoor curry plant with little bugs (pic attached)

prachi(6b (NJ))March 23, 2013

This plant goes outside in the summer and comes in in the winter. I was given this plant last fall. Its been doing so well all winter.... I recently starting keeping it in a sunnier part of the house. Should I put it back in a shadier portion of the house?

The leaves are sticky and these small bugs have shown up mostly on the stem. I haven't given it fertilizer shall I give it compost?


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Looks like your tree has an infestation of scale insects. The URL shows you more information on how to control these.
The sunnier part of the house is preferable.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scale Insects

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These are vicious little one's!!!!

A friend had a similar issue.
They the best way to get rid of them is with your finger nails or a damp paper towel. going through every nook and crevice of the plant.
She watered it down completely with a hose with a spray head. And, kept checking on them every few days( the lilttle missed ones are now visible to naked eye.)

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