bluish mold on roots

bunnynomnom(zone 10a)February 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

I just potted some amaryllis bulbs outside my house, and tried not to water too much, then it rained! So I got worried and gently pulled up some bulbs to inspect. They seem to have this hairy white/bluish green mold on some of the roots, a bit like the mold on bread. What should I do? Spray fungicide? And what sort of easily available but effective fungicide from a store ie Target or Home Depot would do the job? Thanks for your help!


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my advice is: get all of the rotten roots off the bulb(the roots that are easy to pull off) and put it in sandy soil(the bulb).

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I agree with Snarfie, before planting a bulb you should always pull off dead or hopelessly dried up seem to have many on the above bulb.
If any mold is left on plump roots you can just wash it off with water and let the roots and bottom of the bulb dry before replanting in a well draining soil.

Keeping them on the dry side before you get leaf growth will help too..Donna

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and if the bulb itself looks like that, i keep peeling the layers of the bulb until i found an healthy layer(white)(mine had a litte bit of mold on the healthy layer, so i washed it off with a little bit of hand-soap. I dont think soap harms the bulb as long as it don't get to the basal plate)

sorry for the not very good english(i'm just fifteen)

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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)

Thanks you both of your help. Can you tell me why soap is bad for the basal plate?

Also, after cleaning some bulbs, I found this half rotten bulb and tried to cut all the rotten bad out. It was nearly half the bulb! I called Eden Blooms and Aaron said to clean it in a 10% bleach solution (diluted with water). Has anyone tried this or should I just apply cinnamon powder to it?

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citate: Can you tell me why soap is bad for the basal plate?
i don't know, so i don't try ;)
citate: I called Eden Blooms and Aaron said to clean it in a 10% bleach solution (diluted with water)
you can try, and if it works you can use it for all of your hippies

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my thoughts if this were my bulb:

Always sterilize knife with alcohol before and after cutting bulb.
Lightly spray with water shake on Sulfer powder/captan/fungicide let dry. Plant in sterile perlite (if you use cinnamon avoid basal plate as it can negatively affect root growth if I recall correctly)
Pray :) never hurts


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Whether you use a bleach solution, sulfur powder, Captan, cinnamon... you definitely then want to allow the bulb to dry out for several days before repotting. You need to allow that big open wound to dry out and scab over (for lack of a more eloquent description) so it is better prepared to defend itself from further rot. Since so much of the bulb was affected, I would plant the bulb with just the basal plate in the soil, rather than planting it more deeply. To prevent further rot, I would also water it from the bottom- i.e.- by placing a saucer/bowl under the pot and allowing the moisture to wick up through the medium. Good luck! -Tina

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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)

Wow, thank you Tina and AJ and snarfie for your detailed instructions. I didn't know earlier this and had applied cinnamon to the basal root. So later I applied sulfur powder and rooting powder as well. Hopefully the rooting powder will counteract the cinnamon? o_O

A side question about ordering bulb: When a vendor ships my order, if a bulb's emerging scape is broken up in 3 places or if the scape gets rotten, is it petty of me to complain or ask them to do something about it or just let it go because it's the usual shipping scuffle? I'm new to amaryllis and would like see some nice healthy flowers coming out of the bulbs, so it's a bit of a letdown to see a damaged scape like that. What do you usually do?

And Tina, I'm glad you live in Berkeley, very close to my area!

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first looking if there is another scape (still in the bulb) that isn't damaged :)
i'm not used to order them with(?) internet, so i don't know. aout an week ago, i ordered one by(?) internet, and that's the first time i did it.

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When I've received damaged bulbs, I will usually report the issue to the seller. Most reputable sellers will offer a solution, without you having to push them to do the right thing. With a damaged scape, I'm not sure if I would complain. I would if it arrived rotten and threatened the overall health of the bulb and it was something the vendor should have noticed at the time of shipping. Not all bulbs bloom right, even when the scape isn't damaged... the stress of shipping can cause flowers to abort or to not form properly. My Jade Serpent looked just fine, but the scape was stunted and the blooms never fully opened. That sort of thing can't be blamed on the vendor. I just have to hope that later in the season, the bulb will bless me with another scape!

I don't live in Berkeley, but it holds a special place in my heart! I earned my Masters degree at UC Berkeley. Now I live about 120 miles north. I miss being in the Bay Area though... but I DON'T miss the traffic! *smile*


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I think it depends on how you received the bulb. If you're just ordering a bulb, then I don't think there's anything you can do about a scape that got damaged because you're really just ordering a viable bulb from them.

But if you buy a bulb, usually from one of those kits, that is plastered with "Guaranteed to bloom weeks after you plant it!", then you have a valid complaint there. It's just most people don't really complain to the kit companies because they think their voice probably won't be heard. I only reached out once last Christmas to tell a company that I was bummed about getting a common red when I was hoping to get an amaryllis I didn't have. To my surprise they responded and refunded my money back.

Do I think it's petty to complain? Not at all. You want to see the beautiful flowers asap and I'm sure the seller would understand that. It usually depends on the seller and how accommodating they will be.

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The only time I received a damaged bulb was several years ago from an unscrupulous Ebay vendor. I sent pictures to the seller and heard nothing.
But I set my mind to doing what I could for this poor Limona bulb and today it's still alive and actually blooming currently. It's not one of my most vigirous bulbs but it's still hanging in there. It must have been really primed from the "factory" when I received it as I've never been able to get the great blooms that I finally did end up with..take a look at the saga of my Poor Limona...

arrived with 2 eight inch twisted split scapes..

and rotten

putting up a third scape

and the final gorgeous flowers

I know I posted this all several years ago but thought some of you new folks might like to see this saga. By the time I was thru pealing this bulb is was less than half the size as when it arrived. It never gave the intensity of yellow as this first blooming but is still fairly yellow with smaller flowers.

Thanks for looking and I apologize to those of you who have already seen this...Donna

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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)

Thank you everyone for your advices and Donna for your interesting pictures. I run into another problem with the red spots on the bulbs, but I put it in another thread.

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