Asking about a special green bean cultivated in Northeast China

jackwMarch 25, 2005

This is my favorite since childhood. Actually, I place it above all other vegetables. It's a special type of green bean that, to my knowledge, cultivated mainly in Northeast China (Manchuria). It looks like roma bean, only that the pods are wider, and darker in color. It's name in Chinese is Ãö¹½Ã(You Dou Jiao). Now I live in South Carolina and I couldn't find it in the Chinese super markets in this area. So I'm thinking of growing some in my garden. However, I'm really not sure if they will grow here, since the climate and soil here are quite different from those of Northeast China. Anyway, I'd really like to hear what more experienced people have to say about this.

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Check out the Kitazawa Seed Company (see link below). They specialize in only Asian vegetables & if they don't carry what you are looking for, they will help you find it.

Regardless of the variety, you shouldn't have any trouble growing virtually any type of bean in South Carolina. Certain varieties may not produce abundantly in extreme heat, but will pick up again when things cool down a little. At the very least, seed is relatively cheap & it's certainly worth a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitazawa Seed Company

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jayreynolds(zone 6/7)

sounds like sword bean or hyacinth bean

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Thank you for the responses. Although I couldn't find the bean I mentioned in the original post, I do find something else that I want. I think one reason that this bean is hard to find in US might be that most Chinese here are from South China, and they brought with them also the vegetables from the South.

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