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chere(7)February 17, 2010

OK here is what I did. I was digging up an Apple Blossom Amaryllis in my yard and I cut a piece off of it about the size of a quarter. well I was reading on here how to propagate amaryllis by cutting them up so I cut up the Apple Blossom to learn how to do this and they all are getting little bulbs on them even the quarter size piece and it doesn't even look like it has any of the root base attached.

Every time I look at the quarter piece it has another bulb on it. Did I also mention that they have leaves on them that are coming out of the baggie. It has four on it right now. Will they make it? When should I pot them up into individual pots?

Thank you.


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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

Sorry if no one replied, Chere :(
I have noticed that many of the regular "experts" are not around much lately - don't know why. They usually have lots to offer regarding your kind of question.

I have nothing to offer: out of 100 bulbs in my basement, only one has "awakened", and I am seriously depressed about it, especially since i have been doing everything right, so it seemed to me. Oh least the new ones this season are putting on a show at the moment.

I hope your "babies" are doing well :)

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Hi, Chere!

You can transplant them as soon as the little bulbs get to be about the size of a BB (as in BB gun).

Just make sure that they have nice little roots which they should have since you are seeing leaves.

Try to leave a piece of the mother scale if you can because the little bulb is feeding off of that and will until the scale dries up...

Hope that helps!


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