Tidora plants -this winter

eswar(7b)April 3, 2011

For those who like to get some Tindora plants.

Though the Tropical Tindora plants grow rapidly in summer months.

Having fibrous /tuberous roots/Frost sensitiveness makes them some what difficult to maintain them in winter months. (Slow metabolism-survival mode).The unusually cold winter of this year made many to loose their plants.

Soil needs to be warm above 65 degrees with not more than 15 degrees difference in the day and night temp for the plant to develop new roots and grow up.

I dig them in the month of October/ November. bring some roots inside my home

As I do not have a sun room/ green house, I keep them in my family room with supplemental light (grow light).People when they travel/vacation etc if they turn off the heat, there will be losses.

If they use cold water from the tap, there will be losses. (Imagine taking a shower with unheated tapwater in winter months).

If they use cheap potting soil which will not hold moisture or it will not drain or if the pot does not have adequate drain holes the Plant will die.

Many northern states where the growing season is short with harsh winters they may grow the plant, but they will not have any yields.

If the soil does not have adequate phosphorous there will be plenty of leaves, but no Tindora fruits.

My Personal experiences with sharing the plants. 70% of the people for get saying Thanks or will not even will not even acknowledge that they received the package.

Many for get the plants are free, what they are spending is postage in the form of stamps.

Almost 100% in the initial e-mail will not mention which state they live in. (There is no point in sending to some one living in Maine or Wisconsin/.).

Some one says the shipping rate (10-80) for a medium size priority mail box is too high. [Probably they should use their bargaining skills with USPS or UPS).

Those received tindora plants last year-I hope they will start sharing them with others.

I will propagate them in May/ June. Probably in July I will have some to share. They are all dormant now. They are all free.

This years survivors in this winter season-Alabama-.Planted out side-- well mulched.Tuberose(lily Rajani gandha,Jasmine and night queen)

Causualities. Fire cracker flower(kanakambaram)

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Hello Mr Eswar,
Where did you get the fire cracker flower from? My wife has been interested in growing them for a while now. We are based in Utah so don't know if it can even grow here. I would love to have some tindora cuttings from you and can definitely send you a priority mail box. Thank you for offering to share the plants

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Kanakambarm seeds Fire cracker flower,'
They are available from park seeds.

also several ebay sellers have them in different colors,
Traditional kanakambaram color and also new hybrids,yellow, pink and red.Pr0bably in UTAH you have bring them inside or grow them in pots. This winter they did not survive for me.

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cougar1973---I have Fire cracker flower plants. I have like eswar said traditional color and also yellow.

I bought these from logees. If you can wait I can send you few seeds in summer, that is when I have flowers and fresh seeds. They germinate easily. And yes, I do bring them indoor in winter in NJ!!!.


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Eshwar Garu,

I would like to get some tindora roots or stem cuttings. Can pay postage and i live in dallas, TX. Next year i will be ready to share some tindora plants. Not sure how to thank you, but you are doing a great help.

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Mr Eswar, thank you for the information. I have been growing the jasmine sambac grand duke of tuscany and maid of new orleans in pots and have been successful in keeping them alive for the past 2 years after moving to Utah from Florida.
Dear Anna, thank you for your kind offer to send me the seeds. Please let me know when and where you would want me to send you a sasbe. I have purchased quite a few plants from Logees and have been very happy with the quality of their plants. I did not know they also had the Kanakambaram (fire cracker flower)plant. I am very much looking forward to growing some tindora and fire cracker flower this season. Thank you both for your offers.

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Eshwar garu,
Can you please send me some roots in may/jun?I WOULD BE LOVE TO GROW TINDORA THIS SUMMER IF YOU COULD SHARE SOME ROOTS.Thanks.

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If available,I would like to have a tindora plant.I live in Frisco .
Thank You

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I would also like to grow some Tindora plant this summer. I live in Maryland. Let me know if you have any Tindora roots available. Thanks!

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Eswar ji,

I appreciate your willingness to share Tindora plants and thanks for the same. I live in Southern California (Orange County) and would like to grow Tindora plant. I will pay you for the shipping charges.


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Thanks for your expert advice on growing tindora. I would like to get some cuttings from you this year if possible. Please let me know what the charges are. I live in Northern California where it is quite warm in summer.

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sreedevi_alla(Gold River,CA)


I am looking for Tindora roots. Can you please share with me. I have many other Indian seeds for exchange.
You can email me at sreedevialla@hotmail.com


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eswar- thank you for the posts you have made on the forums. :-)

I have to stay inside a great deal due to allergies-- most of the things I grow have to be able to deal with neglect! It is nice to read about all kinds of different plants that people grow, and all kinds of different conditions.

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Eshwar Garu,
I would like to get some tindora roots cuttings. I live in fremont ,California(I am Indian from Hyderabad). I love gardaning and i have some indian plants too. how can I get plants, could u plese give me u r address.You are doing a great help.
Thank q

Here is a link that might be useful: tindora plant

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Mr. Eswar,

I live in Suffolk, VA. I would like to get some tindora roots cuttings. I can send you paid posting. Can you please send me your address ?. I am sure I can keep them alive in my house during winter.

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Hello Eswar,

I live in Chicago Illinois. I would like to get some tindora cuttings for this year when it is available. If you would let me know your address at that time I could send a priority mail box. we built a small 10x8 greenhouse last year to store tropical plants. Hope I could share the same like you do from next year on.

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I would like to have some tindora rootstock if possible.
I live in no. california. Please let me know.

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Dear Eswargaru,
I saw your posting about Tindora (dondakaya in Telugu) plants. I have been looking for them since I moved here six months back. Pl send me some cuttings if you have any roots. I ordered some Turia,gongoora,different eggplants seeds from exotic seeds of India (NJ) but they have no Tindora or parwel. I would be very happy to pay the postage.Happy easter. thank you in advance.

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I would like to have some tindoora roots if anyone has them to share. I live in Kentucky. Thanks.C

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I would love get one tindora plant have been looking for it for years I live in NC

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Would be willing to pay postage if someone can send me a tindora plant - live in Texas so its time to plant

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Hi Eshwar,
I have Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Indian beans, egg plants, etc in my vege patch. I live in Dallas (Texas) and would like to have Tindora plant. Could you pls share 1 with me?

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Hi Eshwar

Can I have a tindora plant? I have been searching everywhere for one. I live in Atlanta. I can send a prepaid priority mail if you can send me your address. My emailid is

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Tindora seeds are available on Amazon.com, search for Ivy Gourd Seeds or Coccinia Grandis. I purchased the seeds for $6 with free shipping option, I received teh seeds from Thailand and also planted them in Pete pellets. My seeds germinated and I have two tiny plants now. I received 100 seeds for $6.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tindora seeds on Amazon

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I hope I am wrong, but I have the feeling that the seeds that you bought from Thailand are not the same as the tindora that has an Indian origin. Couple of years ago, I bought similar "Ivy Gourd Seeds or Coccinia Grandis" on ebay from a seller in Thailand. The seeds sprouted and the plants grew aggressively climbing over everthing. I had them for over 8 months but no flowers or fruit. They started growing over other plants I had choking them with their strong tendrils. The stems of these plants are like nylon wire, very strong. On doing research, I found that there are 2 or more types of Coccinia Grandis, and the tindora from India is called Coccinia Grandis Indica or something. Two totally different plants. The Coccinia Grandis is considered a weed in a lot of states, and is choking out a lot of native plants in Hawaii (google this).
Compared to this, the Indian variety is very mild and dies down in winter if you are not careful. Usually propogated only through roots and cuttings. I have tried seeds from the Indian tindora mutiple times, but did not get any to sprout. Very easy to grow from cutting, just put the cuttings in water and they will root in 10 days.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ivy Gourd Hawaii

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I would love to have a tindora plant if you still have some to share. I will be glad to send you the postage or trade, if you find something on my list that you want. I live in Birmingham, Alabama, and I think they will grow here. Please email me at susanmruppert@gmail.com.

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