please help me save my mango tree

noel123April 5, 2011

i have a mango tree its 7-8 years old the problem i am facing is the bark of the tree seems to turn black and chips off i have clean it and find powder/some thing sticky on some parts of the tree there have been holes formed and the skin of the tree seems like something eating it and i have cleaned it regularly/ secondly the top most part of the tree one branch is dead my surrounding colleagues mango tree has the same issue due which the trees died i don't want to face the same with my tree please advice quick remedy urgently

i have another mango tree it is 5 years old and at the tip of the leaves there is spring of new leaves and suddenly within some days all the tips of the spring leaves die this is happening since one year at regular intervals why is this happening even no fruits non it please advice ..a good manure or remedy

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saving it isn't easy.

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Some members from "Tropical Fruit" forum might be able to give you advice.

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my mango tree got one side bend due to the heavy rain and fast wind.what should i there any type of help?

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Hi. Mango trees are very susceptible to bark fungus. If this is not controlled, all the shoots will come to nothing. I used to grow mangoes up on the Tropic of Capricorn with very little problem except the dreaded bark fungus which required treating with Lime-sulpher emulsion. They were Bowen Special actually. Living in Sydney now I have a Bowen in the back yard that did NOTHING for twelve years, so, having no emulsion I diluted the Lime-sulpher liquid from Bunnings and painted it on the bark. 120 mangoes within months. This is a recurring problem after a wet and the possums are welcome to their share.

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