sichuan peppercorn

naturelle(Toronto 6b CAN)April 3, 2008

I did a search for sichuan peppercorns on this forum and see many different alternative names. Pepperol does not show as one of the alternative names.

I'm looking to buy it and at the chinese market, all that I see that looks similar to what I believe it would look like, is something called pepperol.

Is this the right item, or do I have to look further?

Thanks for the help.

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Are you looking for seeds to grow them, or for the spice? If you're referring just to the spice, look for the area in the market where five spice powder is and you should find it there. If you are really die-hard about getting it, write down the Chinese characters for it (è±æ¤-- literally "flower pepper") and ask the propietor where they are. This works-- I've had to learn the Hindi/Tamil names for several Indian spices in order to find them.

Good luck!

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naturelle(Toronto 6b CAN)

Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for the spice. I shop at a very large Oriental market which is located in a Chinese mall and looked for it in the spice area, but all I see there are these packages labelled "pepperol". The contents look like sichuan peppers that I've seen on TV. I'll cut out the Chinese characters you've provided and take it with me and show it to the staff. That should have a good result.

Thanks again.

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