sumatra...and bogota.

georg_e_vergreenFebruary 11, 2014

Hello friends, I want to ask a question. I bought Cybister Bogota in Greece and Cybister Sumatra in USA but ... what is the difference? They look almost the same in the pictures I've seen. Does anyone have them?

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Hi George,

Sumatra should be a cybister with thin orange petals:

and Bogota is more of a brick red color, still a cybister with slight thicker petals

Personally I like Bogota better but I will admit the first time mine bloomed as a new bulb it was a bit disappointing but the second year as a well rooted bulb it was gorgeous! And you're right, they do look similar but the color is different and my vote goes for Bogota.

Enjoy both of yours!


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Flower of Bogota looks straight, whereas Sumatra he looks down a bit. Donna answered correctly about the width of petals and coloring.

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Wow! Thanks for the lesson and the lovely pictures.

I have a "Bogota" on order.

Cannot wait, Donna, now that I have seen your lovely pictures.


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Donna, you really are amazing! I can already see the difference now clearly better example and explanation may not have! Photos of both sellers were so similar that I thought it was just arbitrary designations.

I'm glad to know you do not buy it repeatedly! hahahahaha!
many thanks to all for your explanation!

Best Regards, George.

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lenanen(z3 Finland)

I have both Bogota and Sumatra.

Bogota is spectacular and one of my very favourites,

But Sumatra isn't that bad either. I'm quite fascinated by it, actually. It has that great spidery look, colors are intense - mine has very beautiful, deep cherry red mixed with orange and green, with light markings - and the flowers look good for over a week, something that Bogota cannot match.
I had Sumatra blossoming with three scapes, six flowers in each, all at the same time. It was, and still is, an impressive sight.

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I love all these cybisters! I dont know, why they are fading away in the selling so fast and a stupid red Lion will be produced for centuries!
Where are Residence, Machala, Santa Rosa, Toscane, Merengue and all the other beauties? I am really happy, to have some of them.

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I agree!! Bring on more cybisters!!!

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In my country there is so much culture sadly on botany, I have never seen a Cybister or houses or in nurseries, at least in my town.
I'm happy to now have it on both. Sumatra is from USA but has not come home, I hope not to have problems. I love all these hybrids with the shape of the spider lily cybister. I will many interesting cross lol!

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