fertilizer for indian vegetables

sri16April 24, 2011

What is a good organic fertilizer for thotakura,bittergourd and beerakaya? I sometimes use cow manure but would like to know if there are other organic fertilizers?

Thank you

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yes...cow or goat manure or chicken manure is best.

u can use fish organic fertilizer..it is expensive to buy.

please share some bittergourd seeds.... email me pls myids10@gmail.com

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What about rabbit manure? Here the local rabbit enthusiasts would love for people to take the stuff. It is suggested that one contact a local organization and ask if anyone would like manure removed. Of course, this might be fresh manure that would have to age before it could be used.

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pls buy a compost bin from menards or some shop and start putting all food waste and other non-plastic items inside.
Even u can put new paper....it will turn nice compost in months....i am doing this for many years now...
i put all fish waste and egg shells...everything from kitchen to this compost.

chicken manure is very hot..so please put far from plant or use less quantity.
Llama manure is very good..

please go to local county recycle center..they sell excellent compost for 25$ 1ton...i am going to buy couple of ton to fill my new raise beds....u can find some local landscape or dump truck people to load it free from compost yard and pay for compost and dump it in ur yard for 30$ or 40$ a trip...they can haul 3-4 tons same time in the dump truck..this is tested compost...this is enough for all leaf veg, tomato and other less intensive plants....

Fish Emulsion is best...u can buy in bottle and dilute it and spray.

u can go to local fish area...they may give free carp fish..it is big fish, not many people eat them...u can use this fish to make compost.

if anybody need more tips... email me : myids10@gmail.com

i used chicken manure from local chicken farm, llama manure from my friend, compost from county recycle place, then horse manure. that is it.

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