Easy to Grow Chinese Chives

pilut_3iApril 5, 2010

I love to use Chinese chives in my spring rolls and certain soup, so recently, I went back home to get some from my mom's garden. Now they are growing strongly in a container on the balcony of my apartment. I've also seeded common chives and garlic chives in with it, because I wanted to know which of the three chives is the hardest since they are all perennials. Hopefully, the three will grow well together.

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What are Chinese chives, if not garlic chives?

The regular chives and the garlic chives should grow well together, especially since you're giving them tender, loving care. The garlic chives may crowd the regular chives, though, if they are growing in the same container. YMMV.

As for garlic chives, those suckers take lots of abuse in the clay soil in north Texas. It doesn't get that cold, here. 10F to 19F is possible but really unusual. However, it does get hot and dry-- 90F+ and 100F+, and I forget to water them... and do mow them... and they just keep growing and multiplying. Don't know how hot it gets where you are, but the regular chives either needed longer to get established before being neglected, or the they are not as hardy in the heat.

It will be interesting to here what happens.

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hankua(Jacksonville Fl Zone 9)

I have some Chinese Chive (garlic chive) to share. I've been growing them for many years and had some in pots that needed to be used for something else. Jacksonville, FL.


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bluebirdie(Z8 SF E Bay)

I think the common Chinese chives (both thin leaf or broad leaf) are just two kinds of garlic chives. It should be the hardiest compared to other common chives used for garnish here. When I sow chives seeds among the already grown garlic chives, most seedlings could not compete and only two survived among 50. Since chives are slow to germinate, you may be able to just scoop the seeds up and move them to a different pot if they haven't germinate already.

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Garlic Chives are definitely hardy. My mom grew some in her garden one year when I was probably a preteen and the next year or the year afterwards she gave up on gardening but even as an adult I was able to find Garlic Chives growing wild near her house.

Some of the Garlic Chives I'm growing now are plants from that lot so they are over 10 years old.

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We grew Chinese chive (bought seeds from Evergreen) and garlic Chive ( bought seeds from Home Depot), but they are different, we tried to grow more Chinese chive from seeds, but not very successful.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

There are a wide variety of chinese chives/garlic chives and they have differing tastes. I am trying out a few varieties to see which is tastiest, including Hana Niira, a Japanese variety and some others that I don't know the exact variety.

In general, allium seeds do not store well... I've had best luck sowing seed almost as soon as I collect it from dried flowers still on the stalk.

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