shunkoyo radish

baci(z10Ca)April 17, 2006

Am I spelling this radish right? I am trying to find information on it, but have not come up with anything. Thanks for any help.

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In the future, how about a little additional background information baci? This will help us. Where did you learn of it? Are you growing it? What color and size is it? etc?

I believe you are looking for the following:

Chinese Radish 'Shunkyo'Semi-Long Pink (Raphanus sativus)
"This fast-growing, early radish variety is originally from Northern China. Shunkyo is easy to grow and has pink-red skin and white flesh. It has a hot and sweet flavor. Can be sown in spring to fall but avoid planting in mid-summer. Harvest when roots reach 4" long. Used in salads or pickled. The leaves are tasty stir-fried with the roots."

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Thanks Violet

It is a radish I am growing  I received the seeds from a fellow trader. I tried looking up info on the web but could not find it. Maybe I was misspelling it  the information you found looks correct. Mine is immature, but looks like the picture posted.

Thanks again.

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