"PapDon2" season

hawehaFebruary 6, 2013

Stronger, bigger, more scapes, more flowers...
I feel truly blessed.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Just lovely Hans-Warner!! Aside from the great breeding, they are clearing getting fantastic care. How many hours of light do they get each day (light/dark cycle)...and no doubt frequent fertilizer? Do you switch your fertilizer nitrogen levels to encourage blooms?


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Greetings from California, Hans-Werner!

I was astounded by the impressive size of #18 from your grex of 'Chico' x H. papilio seedlings. My comment on size is not meant to diminish the beauty of its siblings in any way.

Now, I cannot remain silent. Those emerging buds (in your first photo) are absolutely niedlich! I am not prone to anthropomorphism, but the buds remind me of precious little sea creatures peeking out for their first glimpse of the world.

The second photo displays the proud, bold, and luscious buds waiting to reveal their beauty, which they do in spectacular fashion in the subsequent shots. The flowers are vibrant and have great presence. Yes, you are truly blessed and deservedly rewarded for the exceptional quality of your breeding and husbandry.

Cheers, Blanca

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brigarif Khan

I am speechless, what a beauty.

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Gorgeous, please help me with my numbers do I correctly see 4 scapes with at least 4 flowers each?


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I was wondering the same thing. How many of these bulbs do you now have and what is the largest number of scapes from one bulb?

I always seem to look little green after looking at your creations...I wonder why..

It is simply astounding..each flower just as lovely as the next...Donna

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I think that the shape of the flowers is especially exquisite.

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Thank you for commenting on this spectacle. Artificial light is being provided, 15 h/day from 400 Watts Metal Halide High Pressure Discharge Lamp w/ Daylight-Spectral Emission-Profile . Maiden bloom was in 2004, and the ORIGINAL "mother" bulb is still "alive" it produced the scape you can see in pic 4 in the background, with TWO florets. The flower that opened first is in pic 3 right side, below, which is the biggest and prettiest, and the other flower is on the left side in pic 5. Three daughter bulbs are present which are bigger than the "mother" and yes they all produced a scape w/ 4 florets. The strongest Daughter bulb, however...
but see it for yourself:

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Haweha, how high above the pots do you keep the Metal halide light? And how much growing space will that light provide? Half of my hipps outside are dormant and I don't like seeing them like that. I'd rather let them grow all year long.

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There is a total area of approx 4 square meters with pots and balcony boxes, including the windowsill... In the center of the Area under the Lamp, are located the boxes w/seedlings. From the surface level of their substrate to the lamp, it's a distance of 130 cm. However,the leaves of the seedlings are busy growing towards the light, and some have reached a height of 50 cm.
The OFFICIAL suggestion for this Light fixture is "keep it at a minimum distance of 1 m away from the plants"

I think it is very practical that Knight Star Lilies can be put into storage. The old unsightly leaves and the old scales can be removed and the uppermost part of bulbs cleaned PARTICULARLY THE NECK and more thoroughly cured from Tarsonemid mites which cause "Red Blotch". There is a lot of mine Hippeastrums in Storage right now! For example one certain "PapDon1" xDxDxD - No leaves, no light, no expenses for light, you understand. I favorize it, keeping green only those specimens where it makes sense, which is above all these precious seedlings, which bear DREAMS and VISIONS in them and should be forced to maturity ASAP YEAH!

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They are the answer to your question, "why do I keep doing this" lol

So very beautiful!

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It is "PapDon2 Season" again.
4 Scapes from the 3 big Daughter Bulbs,
the genuine "Mother Bulb" is big, nice and firm too, but it chose to produce "leaves only" ENJOY!

Two huge scapes from the biggest Daughter Bulb

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WOW - Herzlichen Glückwunsch

The performance of the daughters is outstanding. Fantastische Zucht und Anbau.

Zum Wohl,


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I'm turning green again...truly beautiful!


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lenanen(z3 Finland)

Enjoyable indeed, thank you Hans!

Wonder, would Party have a bit of papilio somewhere in the background? just hoping...

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amaryllisfred(6b Cambridge MA)

Hello Hans,

They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Isn't it nice to have such a warm and beautiful flower during the cold winter months?

Warm Regards,

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Hans like always! Big show! Congratulations! Ich möchte mal Mäusschen spielen kommen!

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