gongura seeds plz....

neehadinMay 19, 2008

Hi!!I am bigggg fan of gongura..can anybody share with me if u have some ..i can wither pay r share thotakoora seeds in return..thanks a lot in advance..i stay in dallas,texas

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Pl send me your address and I have the seeds. I can mail them to you. You can send your address to indumodali@hotmail.com. I live in Bowie, Maryland. Thank you..Indu Modali

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One cool website for all the fans growing Indian vegetables is www.seedsofindia.com

I got all mine from there Gongoora, Thotakoora,Ridge Gourd, Snake Gourd, Ash Gourd, Dosakai, Eggplant, Beans(Gawar, papidi) Tulasi plants etc.

They do have the Indian Jasmine plants too.

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hey parupudi!!thanks a lot..i already recieved seeds from indu ..thanks a lot indu for sending me..
also i checked www.seedsofindia.com they do carry all indian seeds..
indu i soaked gongura seeds for 28hrs and they sprouted after that i put them in soil within a day they produced leaves ..so i was wondering is it ok this way r does the taste change for soaking more than 24hrs?

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I have been growing Gongura for over three years in Central Florida. I also have seeds in small packs for resale and leaves for sale as of end june to November.

I would have fresh cut packs of leaves soon as I get of regulatory train.
If you need seed or leaves please contact me.

I also have Malabar Spinach or BCHALIKURA in Telugu. The leaves would be ready by end of June.

Please contact me at ecosystemsusa@cfl.rr.com

Thank you

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Hi, I'm in South Florida and I grow Gongura all year round. I sell fresh cut Gongura leaves all year round, 10pounds or 2000 pounds, I have them. I sell to wholesaler and stores, and also take individual orders. Depending on the size of the order, I cut and ship on the same day. Any orders over 500 pounds will be cut and ship next day.

I also grow and sell herbs and other asian vegetables. Please email me at indiantownveggies@yahoo.com. I will respond to your email within 12 hours.


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