Sowing amaryllis

grace_nFebruary 18, 2010

Can anyone share with me how you sow Hippes? Do you leave all flowers to die? Is that going to exhaust the bulb?

And do I need to do any specific thing like polinate it?

once I get the seeds, how do I sow them?

And how long does it take to flower?

Appreciate if anyone who has access to previous links can send me some info.


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Above your post is a one quarter inch high dark green bar. To its right is a search function,with a red go button.This will give you more information than you will likely recieve otherwise.If you still have questions, ask away.Put into the search slot"Plant Hippeastrum Seeds" ,"Pollenate Hippeastrum" , "Hippeastrum From Seed" ,"Crossing Hippeastrum".

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thank you Del, I entered those key words and learnt a lot from previous articles. Thank you!

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