Too late for brassicas?

2ajsmamaMay 3, 2013

I've got white and red Russian kale, dwarf blue vates kale and some broccoli started indoors a month ago(!) hardening off and ready to go in the garden this week. March still had snow, April started off cool and was very dry, supposed to get some rain the end of next week, highs have been anywhere from mid-60's to mid 70's with lows around 40 but next week lows could be 50 on the 70+ degree days.

Weather channel says May will be cooler than normal (which is highs around 70 lows mid-40s) but I haven't seen it the past week or so. Makes it very hard to plan. I never even got peas in, am thinking going straight to beans.

Since the kale and broccoli is already started, I'm going to put those in and also seed some lettuce, carrots, beets this week but I have maruba santoh and tatsoi I wanted to try this year for market starting mid-June. Can these be direct-seeded, or should I start them indoors (not much room with the tomatoes and peppers)? Is it even worth putting any in now (even for baby greens) or are they going to bolt (or go bitter like lettuce - I'm hoping to get baby greens and maybe some Tom Thumb heads) before mid-June?

I don't know if they'll grow past July as it seems this year might be as hot and dry as last year. So I'd have to start a fall crop in August (market ends Sept 25)?


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I would say : Go ahead. The cooler, the longer the better for brassica.

2) to sow or not to sow!? for cool crops it is only the matter of germination time. In a greenhouse they will geminate in less than half the time needed out in the patch. So , if you want to get a head start , start early indoor, then transfer any time. Dont worry about frost on brassica, allums,, cilantro, parsley, leeks, radishes(alway direct sown)...

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I'm not worried about frost now, I'm worried it's going to get too hot too soon. Seems like we went right from winter to summer (maybe we had a month of spring, but a spring with frosts, lows in the mid-high 30's and now all of a sudden 50's!).

I've got the kale, broccoli and spinach started and hardened off, maybe I should start the maruba santoh and tatsoi, chard inside ASAP too to get it going as quickly as possible?

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