angellillyFebruary 22, 2010

Here we have our annual tree pruning in our garden so we paid a proffesional(ugh...) gardener to do the job for us..too many and too tall fruit he pruned them and he promptly let a large branch fall on my balcony...on top of my numerous pots......... :-( a pot with venus flytraps gone...a pot with a maidenhair fern gone and a community pot filled with Hippeastrum seedlings gone also!It was my first experiment with crosses and i am really frustrated and pissed!I just wanted to get it out of my system and try again this year(and if this man comes next year i will move my pots elsewhere!probably a mile away! :-D )


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Noni Morrison

Did the branch destroy and crash your deck or just the tops of the plants. If it just crushed the foliage, your bulbs should be able to put out more and keep on growing. It might set them back a little but they should recover. Even if the pot was broken you should be able to find the bulbs and replant them in a new pot.

I would be furious too though if a professional did this!

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Yeah,i just found them....they seem ok..well most of them.Ill try replanting them and hope for the best....

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Typical for unsupervised contractors. I've had nothing but bad luck unless I was there, in person, the whole time.
I had a tree trimmer not follow my directions to "reduce the size of the crown. Do not thin out." I came home to find the tree thinned out and Not crown reduced. I asked the contractor why this had happened? He said "Homeowners don't know how to prune trees or they would do it themselves. So it's our policy to prune it this way." I told him "It's my policy Not to Pay contractors that don't follow my explicite instructions." And I didn't. I also reported him to various arborculture associations that he claimed on his web site to be a member of... and they had never heard of him.

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You did well houston,i wish i had the guts to do the same!Anyway out of 25 seedlings i saved 9 and ill transplant them ASAP....

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Oh this story just broke my heart. I can understand how it feels to have what you have spent many an hour toiling on destroyed in a second.
We had a tornado pass through within 5 miles and it broke a 6 inch wide branch down and it landed on my garden last year. 25 softball sized tomatoes were gone, along with the plants, not to mention the peppers, cucumbers and squash! Not the same as our beloved amaryllis, but broke my heart none the less. We had fried green tomatoes forever!

Best of luck with your 9 seedlings! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Thanks for the kind words organicstarbuck; tornados suck! :-D Granted here we dont have them but we have human-havoc-bringers lol!Anyway,i transplanted them and they look miserable but i hope they'll perk up soon.RIP for the casualties.... :-(

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