Cybisters 'Tiramisu' & 'Machala'

jimnpa (6a PA USA)February 1, 2012

I received 'Tiramisu' last year from RC. It bloomed for me last winter, sent up another scape in the spring and is now sending up 3 scapes, two of which are in bloom.

This is 'Machala'. I was pleasantly surprised that RC offered it this year. I thought that it was out of production.

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Hi Jim,

Your photos are a testament to why I love cybisters. Thank you! They are exotically beautiful, generous rebloomers, and the majority are good seed and pollen parents.

It's so interesting that these special cybisters from Royal Colors are reblooming at around the same time for us here in the US no matter where we live. Josh's 'Melfi' recently bloomed at the same time as one of mine, and my 'Tiramisu' from last year has two tall scapes getting ready to bloom. You must have given yours extra TLC to get 3 scapes - Good Growing!

The one exception is my Machala. I have had it for about two years, and this year it is still snoozing. However, I need to say that I have subjected it to cooler temperatures than the rebloomers. Another 'Machala' will be on its way to me at the end of February. I am still hoping that Paul will unearth more rare and/or out of production cybisters for us. He always has my wish list.



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Jim..Your picture of Tiramisu makes me really angry with myself for missing out on this treasure last is just beautiful and if I ever again get the chance, this time I won't hesitate!! It's really lovely!!
As I grow hippeastrum for another season my tastes are most definitly leaning toward the cybisters and the more and learn...This year for the first time I bought and bloomed both Chico and Evergreen..they turned the tide for me..I am awaiting 2 scapes worth of blooms from a Lima...and if I'm lucky maybe it's really a Jungle Star...!!


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Real beauties! I cannot wait til march, to see them flower, when i bring up my bulbs in the small greenhouse.

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Wow ! That Tiramisu is killer !

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"Tiramisu" is epic. Fabulous Performance, dramatic color design. Upto 6 florets per umbel! Thank you for showing this. Now I must have one!

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Both are beautiful, but Tiramisu is definitely my favorite of those two! Great shape and colors!

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