Charisma x Charisma seeds availible

dondelduxFebruary 11, 2012

Does anyone out there think they may be interested in some Charisma x Charisma seeds? I know it not anything special and in fact I didn't pollenate them myself, there were 10 flowers that were all out at the same time and there was pollen flying all over the place so they selfed themselves. I shouldn't have let them all grow, but I have 5 pods if you can believe that! They should be large healthy seeds and if someone wants to just put some right out in the ground you might want to try them..most likely they will look just like Charisma with some slight variations..


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Available not availible...

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I sent an e-mail through your profile but the site sort of borked. I'm not sure if it went through or not? Just giving a heads up because I'd love some. :)

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Sent you an email

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I would like some too if you have any more to spare. I'll send you an e-mail right now.


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I would like to received some seeds, would youlike my email right now?

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JoJo..Email me through Garden Web with your name and address and I'll definitly put you on the list..This is great as I am very pleased to be able to find homes for some of these seeds! If you don't know how to email through Garden Web, just ask and I'll direct's easy...


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Hi Donna,

I wanted to let you know that five of the bulbs are sending up their maiden blooms. The first one opened today.

I almost didn't have these, to be honest. The red blotch has been eating its way through everything the past few months because it stayed relatively cool. My attempts to keep it at bay with Thiomyl failed and I was running out of the stuff, so I pretty much gave up and figured I'd let the red blotch just devour everything and get it over with. There could be no rain for 2 weeks, sunny every day, yet the humidity is still over 75%, and it seems that's all the fungus needs to go crazy. It wiped out over 95% of my seedlings pretty quickly, hit my established bulbs so hard that some of them rotted away, etc.

But when I saw the first flower bud of "Charisma selfed" pop up, I used up the rest of my thiomyl on just this flower box alone, and even kept putting it in the greenhouse every time it rained to try to keep it dry. This pretty much renewed my 'fight' to try to save as many as I can.

I ran out of Thiomyl and just recently bought a new bottle of fungicide that boasts that once it dries, rain can't wash it off. I have to apply it every two weeks. Haven't had any rain yet but am hoping the fungicide works if all I have to do is reapply every two weeks.

Thank you so much for the seeds so that I can have this wonderful experience today. :)

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Hi Joe,

Well this apple didn't fall far from the tree! Glad you were able to save a few of your plants but very sorry to hear about the rest of them. I have a feeling the rest of these will look similar but I guess it's better than nothing, sorry it wasn't a more interesting cross. Thanks for the positive feedback and I can't wait to see the others when they bloom!âºâºâº


I wanted to add that you got these to bloom in a little over 2 years!! Congratulations, you must be doing something right!!

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I was so surprised! It's probably a good thing they came up when they did. I was so discouraged and had given up. Then to see flower buds was like... "Whoa! Maybe I should keep fighting." hehehe. A major feeling of self-satisfaction when they finally bloom, especially earlier when thought possible!

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Hi Donna,

Here are the other three Charisma selfed that opened:

(A lot of people really liked this little one. Probably because there's more white in it than the others)

Unfortunately the final one shriveled up at the neck of its bulb and didn't get a chance to do anything.

I have to say, I think the very first flower that opened was the most Charisma-ish out of all four!

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Good growing Joe. I wish this had been a more interesting cross that had yielded some exotic flowers for you but as I remember this selfed itself. (just reread the first post again ) Hopefully I sent you some other seed also and that some of them survived....


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