care for curry leaf plant

crystalgeorgia(GA/ 8)May 18, 2005

I have this curry leaf plant ( also called curry patha). I have it in this small pot which around 4-5 inches.

Should I move it to a bigger pot?

Also how long can i keept it outdoors? in zone 8.

any other care tips.


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paperwhite(z10 AZ)


Here in AZ i have a curry leaf plant/shrub that is now 8-9 ft tall. I got it from a friend two years ago and it was only 12 inches or so tall. I planted it in the ground and then it grew really well in the summer. I just ammended the soil and feed it only once in six months or so. It does need regular watering in the summer.
In the winter months i cut back on the water and fertilizer and on the nights it freezes i cover it up.

Here is a pic of my plant.

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crystalgeorgia(GA/ 8)

How do you cover up during winter? Thats my main concern and I dont know how to take care in winter.

Thanks for the reply and the awesome photo. Looks incredible Thanks

Crystal I live in zone 8 georgia.

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gora(Z8B TX)

That's an awesome looking curry left plant! I have one that I recently put in ground and it is growing well.


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paperwhite(z10 AZ)


I cover it up with a old burlap cloth. I plan not to this year since it is quite mature now.


Thanks. It is one of my favourite plant in my backyard.

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crystalgeorgia(GA/ 8)

Do you need to trim it to the ground inorder to cover with burlaP CLOTH? how tight should the cloth be.

Thanks for the photo. It truly is awesome. How do you use the curry leaf. I can give some recipes too.

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Based off the above posts, I don't think it was pruned just for the purpose of covering with burlap. It is most likely draped over the plant and secured at the bottom with a couple of rocks if anything at all just to provide a bit of insulation against frost. But now that it's mature, it looks like will not be covering it up anymore since it has had many years to adjust to the climate.

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I can't believe your plant is so big! I got a plant at Burgess Falls nursery in Cookeville TN, they carry some foreign stuff, but mine has not added one new leaf. I had decided that it was one of these plants that didn't grow anymore after it bloomed, which it had done just beore I bought it. I potted it up, then put it in the shade. Is that where I made my mistake? Maybe it likes full sun?
Paperwhite, are you really in Z6? And it doesn't die with the little bit of protection you've given it? What have your winter lows been lately? We've been getting down to zero the last few winters, but before that it hadn't been below 5 degrees since Jan 1995, when it went to -10 one night. Donna

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Hey paperwhite, awesome photo. I notice there are some fruits hanging from the tree. how long did it take for the fruit to grow? Have you planted the fruits/seeds and gotten a new plant?

Then again with such big beautiful tree you don't need to :-)

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can anyone pl tell me how to take care of curry laeves plant in texas. I am more interested in planting it in ground. How to take care of it in winters because i am loosing my curry leaves plant every year.

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Where in Texas are you? There's a lot of climates here.

If you're losing the leaves in the winter, you may just want to keep the plants in large pots and store them indoors for the winter. My neighbor has several bushes she keeps in the large plastic containers that small trees are sold in. Our climate is such that her unprotected curry plants in the ground don't totally die during the winter, but a good cold snap can really do a lot of damage.

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I live in Dallas and I was wondering if anyone has experience in planting curry leaf plants in the ground. Last year I had a plant that I left outside in a pot by mistake during a freeze and it died. Should I leave the plant in a large pot and move them inside during the winter or plant them in the ground? If you plant them in the ground what should you do during winter?


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I have a couple of small plants in pots. But they dont seem to be growing. Can I put them in the ground and cover it in winter. Somebody PLEASE HELP ME.

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hlily(z5 IL)

I live in zone 5. This is strictly a houseplant in the late fall, winter and early spring in my zone. I have had 2 plants in large pots for about 10 years.
There are two varieties - one that produces suckers and seeds and another that does not produce suckers. Mine are the later that I purchased as small plants from logees 10 years ago.
I trim them good in late spring after I bring them outdoors.I initially keep them in the garage and gradually move them to a sun/partial shade area. After they have acclimated to the outdoors I trim them well leaving just a few sprigs on the plant. There are 2 reasons for this 1) I want to keep the plant size manageable and 2) I want a lot of fresh leaves.
Some years I have allowed the blooms to stay on the plant and I harvest the berries when they are ripe (almost black) The seed is inside and if planted fresh has a very good germination rate. At other times I pinch the flowers because I want more leaves.
I water the plants only when the top feels dry. They do not like soggy soil or too much water. I water sparingly in the winter. I fertilize with osmacote in the spring and summer.
These plants do not like their roots to be disturbed. My plants are only in their 3rd pot in 10 years. I just top dress the pots in the spring if needed.
Once established these do not need much care.
I hope this helps

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Hi ,
Having lived in TX for 5 years, I thought I would add my 2 cents ( 2 paisa now ) worth.

I dont think you can have the plant thrive when temperature drops below 50 F . Even in India the plant does not grow well in hill stations where it is very cool.

Unless it is some hybrid that they market in the US, the plant is not capable of growing in cold climate. The Picture Paperwhite has posted is the normal curry leaf, but the original used for traditional Indian cooking will have purple stalk and green leaves , instead of green stalk. If you ever get hold of that variety, you can see that it is higly aromatic.

You can see pictures of it here

Now the question is whether one is growing the tree for cooking purpose or for ornamental purpose. If for cooking, then get hold of a handful of the fruits and you can germinate them indoors and grow them to a foot high indoors and rip them up and use them for cooking ( like cilantro ). When summer sets in you can use a large pot (7-8 gallon ) and grow them outdoors from june till October.

The idea is to make enough fruits to be able to germinate them and grow them year round so that you will have enough to cook.

If you live in Florida, you could just plant it in your garden and forget it. But that is beside the point.


Here is a link that might be useful: MY GARDEN PICTURES

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I have 2 curry leave plants for about 2 years now. They have had periods when they sag or loose a branch or 2, but recently one of my plants has just started dropping leaves like crazy. Nothing I seem to do matters. The leaves dry and curl slightly while still on the tree. If I try to mist them then the leaves fall off. It is to the point now where even if I bump the table they are sitting on the leaves fall. The leaves are all still green. I do not understand what I am doing wrong, but would really like if somebody could help. I can provide a picture if needed. The branches are still in place, but the leaves are just shaking off. The other plant was doing well until today and now it has me very worried. I don't want to lose both. Any ideas?

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jay-wpb(10 FL)

mine does that every year. Sprouts back with lush new leaves.

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i have the same problem. i'm new to container gardening and the curry leaf plant. i ordered two plants from different sources. one is flourishing nicely and the other have dry-like curling leaves. some mentioned there are two types. which is the preferred type for cooking (the one with purple stems?)

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I am new to gardening. I am very interested in growing vegetables native to India, like curry leaves, lauki, tinda, karela, methi etc. Does anyone have seeds that they can share? I dont have anything to trade yet. Also coriander (cilantro)

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I've got curry leaf plant coming from Logee's any day now. Should I pot it up immediately (it's in a 2.5" pot)?

And how do I tell when it's grown enough to pot up to the next pot size in the future?

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LogeeÂs plants have very good root system. I love to visit/buy plants from them.
You should be getting plant care instructions along with the young plant.
Here is my suggestion, as soon as you get the plant, unwrap it and let the plant get enough indirect light, air and water. Keep it indoor for at least a week. Now and then expose it to outdoor indirect sunlight. Once the plant gets comfortable with your local temps, etc-- repot the plant in a 4in pot with good potting soil, good drainage and water it well. After this, gradually expose it to the direct sunlight. DonÂt expose the young plant to direct sunlight. When the plant is comfortable(not when drying out, drooping and any signs of not happy) feed good fertilizer. And enjoy the plant grow.

Hope this helps.


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Well they got here yesterday, 2 curry leaf plants and a jasmine, all in 2.5" pots.

I've got them under fluorescent lights right now with my tomato seedlings.

It's way too cold to even think about setting them out for quite some time, probably at least a month. In the meantime I'll keep them under the grow lights.

Global warming is playing hob with our climate here. Normally it ought to be reliably up into the 70s by now, but it's been running 50/60, with a few sunny 70s scattered about.

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jay-wpb(10 FL)

What a difference climate makes. The bottom of my curry tree was like dense jungle of curry trees. It becomes a weed. The new plants grow from the root of the mother plant. My problem is getting rid of curry plants contrary to everyone else's. Right now I had to weed them all down and put black plastic on top. I then put potted gourd seedlings on top of the plastic.

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Dear Crystal, I am from Mumbai, India. I have a Curry leaf plant growing in pot. If you see suckers (small plants) then it is the time to shift the plant to a bigger pot. It is a plant which likes hot climate. So you have to be careful during the winter. I just put banana peels around it. Rest work is done by the earthworms.

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Hello All
I came upon this thread while searching desperately to figure out what is going wrong with my curry leaf plant. The leaves have suddenly started to turn black over the past week. Upon further inspection yesterday I noticed that there was a serious infestation of ants running up and down the stem with a cluster at the base of the plant.
Reading up threads/forums online I understand that ants are a symptom of something else like aphids or mites that secrete sweet serums. Further inspection today revealed something alarming. There seems to be a huge number of eggs/pods of some kind which the ants seem to be visiting. I am not sure what the pest is and how to treat it.. Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to try spraying it with water from a squirt bottle. I also have neem oil and read that it could be used as well. Has anybody tried this with any luck and what proportion and how was it used.

thanks again for your help.

Attached are some images

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It is really sad to see any plant being that infested. See if this helps.
1. There is a post "Murraya koenigii blooms!" ---gives how to apply neem oil to the plant.
2. If possible try to clean the affected area with warm water and a disposable plastic cutlery knife. Then do the neem treatment if you are opting for that.
3. If it has affected small area, branchesÂI would recommend you cut that portion off.
4. Although this is not in the right orderÂI would also recommend changing the soil and the container completelyÂthat is if this plant is in the container. If it is in the ground, dig about 1 to 2 feet deep around the plant and may have to fill in new garden soil along with the pest treatment. Even roots may have been affected resulting in black leavesÂthis is my guessÂalthough I am not a professional.
5. When plant is being treated see to it the plant is in the shade for at least a week then may move it to your desired place. Preferably not in the same location as it was originally placed. Also treat the original place that is now empty -- just so these ants do not spread to other plants/walls etc.
During treatment give the plant enough water.

I could not just see the pics and stay without responding. Other members may pitch in and may suggest better approach.


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Thank you so much "aaaaaaaa"
I went to my local orchard supply store and received a similar recommendation. I have moved the plant to a shaded spot far away from all other plants and given it a generous dose of neem oil spray. This is supposed to kill the scale. Per recommendation I am going to wait 24 hours and then use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to completely wipe down the plant and hose it down with water.

This is a potted plant and I am going to change the pot and soil today. I understand this is a difficult pest to get rid of and I am hoping the infestation is not in the roots.

There is some recent new growth on the top and therefore I am going to cull all the old branches and leaves on the main stem and side stem. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the plant makes it through this.

Thanks again.

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Hi ramguru,

Be careful with the re potting coz the curry leaf plant does not take well to re potting. I lost my curry leaf plant due to re potting just a month ago. I dont know much but but maybe u can use fish emulsion after re potting to give it some stress relief.. :)


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Thank you for the suggestion Padma_2009 and sorry to hear that you lost your plant. I was planning to let the plant recover first in the current pot while giving it my generous Neem treatment and then repot it in a week or two if I still have the option left which I am hoping I do.

When I do, I will be sure to give it some B1 and rooting hormone along with plenty of compost to help it settle in.

I just returned from my yard having removed all the mature infected branches and giving the hole plant a careful wipe down with cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol followed by a wash in cool tepid water and a second treatment of Neem. The plant still has some new sprouting leaflets which I hope will help it and put it on the path to recovery.

Fingers crossed! and toes too. Hope to post some updated pictures.

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Hi Ramguru,

Wish u all the luck. I know how difficult it is to get a curry leaf plant :)
I managed to get another one just a week ago..Yay.. This plant is just 6" in height.
The last one was in a pot and the drain holes in the pot were blocked when it rained for a week and the root rot set so I tried to change the pot. My bad!!!!

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I am new to gardening and the curry leaf plant is going to be the first attempt.. I wanted to know if this plant would require lots of sunlight? I live in houston, tx and my apartment is placed in such a way that there is no direct sunlight even in the balcony.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...


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hello all!
new member and new to house plants. i was given three curry plants by a friend and they have lasted 18 months, growing about 12 inches. it is spring now, and suddenly the largest of them is starting to shed branches and leaves, and some brown spots (insects?) are visible on the stem and some dark spots on the leaves. can anybody help with this? i have tried spraying with lukewarm soap water and it has not helped. they are currently potted and indoors with access to indirect sunlight afternoons and evenings. the spots are similar to the ones posted in the image above by ramguru but i do not have an ant problem. will post pics once i figure out how to. thanks...

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Hi :

I have been really having hard time to get a curry leaf plant. Does somebody have spare seeds or a plant that they can send. I have mustard and carom seed plant to exchange.

I am in MD


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I purchased 6 curry plants from Mountain Valley Growers.Four are for me and two are for a friend.The smell that these give off is wonderful.Can I keep them inside rather than planting them outside? And also what type of fertilizer for indoor plants.I have already transplanted them to a gallon container.I only water them when they feel a little dry.Thank you for any suggestions.They will be greatley appreciated

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I live in Bowie, Maryland. I have curry leaf plants growing in pots. I can afford to give you seeds(fruits) in early fall or whenever they are ready to be planted. They definitely sprout very well. If you can afford to pick them up from me, I can give them. Only one plant I let the seeds grow. I cannot mail them. Pl email me at Thank you...Indu Modali

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I have a curry leaf tree that toward the end of winter and the beginning of spring, it was infested by mites because it had been watered too much. Additionally, at the end of last summer, I figured out that the growing buds had to be pinched to force the sprouting of branches.

The mites have since left, and the pinching has initiated the sprouting of actual branches with leaves and flowers; however, the lower branches with leaves look pathetic. Will the tree eventually grow lower complex branches (not leaves branches)? Should I remove the lower leaves?

I purchased the tree when it was about 6" tall. Now it's about 2 feet tall. I have owned the plan about 1 year. I live in inland southern california with a mediterranean climate for most of the year with the summers reaching as high as 100F. Would it be recommended that I transplant the tree into the ground or should I wait until next year? I currently have it growing in at 18" pot.

Please help.

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I just want to reiterate what others have said about this plant liking it HOT. I live near the beach in southern California, and it's never very hot, nor very cold. I bought a curry leaf plant from Logees, and it arrived very healthy. I gradually moved it outside, where it did NOTHING in our 70F days. No growth, no wilting, nothing. Like suspended animation, for months.
So, I decided to move it back indoors, into our glass solarium which gets very hot (+90F) during the day. And it took off, growing like crazy. It tripled in size in 2 months.

So, yeah, Curry Leaf tress like it HOT!

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Just to report back. Since we are having a mild summer in comparisson to last year, the curry tree that I have has now taken off because the heat is here. It has even flowered and little berries are growing. Maybe I can have some seeds to plant this year.

Does anyone know if it would be better for me to transplant into a larger pot at the end of this hot season or whether I should wait until it gets hot next summer. Additionally, how do you know when the tree needs transplanting. The pot is starting to look dwarfed in comparisson to the height of the tree.

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Do you have Curry leaf seeds?
Do you have any other Asian/Indian veg seeds? We can exchange.


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Hi, I really would love to get one curry plant and one pandan leaf plant. i am new to this country and I live in orlando, Florida....any one got any ideas please?

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I just joined the forum. I had a curry leaf plant for over 10 years � 5 feet tall, every year I would get at least 20-30 small plants stemming from the roots that I would give away. No deer problem, but �dear� problem; friends visiting would walk around the yard and happily break a branch without my knowledge because it really looks so flourishing. However, now for the past 7 years I have been going to India most of the time (building an ashram and although I had appointed people to water and take care of the plants, slowly all my plants began dying.

Is there anyone out there that can spare one? Perhaps in exchange for some other perennial. Last year I tried my hand with Tulasi � put the 3 different varieties in a pot and gave to several friends. I live in Maryland and can pick up. You can email me at

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I have curry leaves plant from last 4/5 months. 2 week back I foung some leaves have turn black. And also found some kind of infestation on the stem and on back side of leaf it looks like small yellow / brown eggs or insects
please see in the picture

And advise me something to get rid of it

thanks in advance

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bumblebees_mom(z9 Jax, FL)

Panna, that looks like te start of a scale infestation, you need to carefully wipe the bumps off with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. You can then use neem oil or horticultural oil sprays to keep it under control. This is a common problem when you have to bring plants in for the winter.

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Major cause of this problem is not enough air circulation form the humidity coming off the damp soil. After you ensure all the leaves are cleaned off, I place it near a heater vent if you have forced air heating and also lay off watering so often. When you bring it in during winter months, it's almost in suspended animation unless you keep your house at 80F.

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Lots of curry leaf plants. If you live in Southern California, email me. I don't ship them out. You have to come and pick them up.

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Hi all,

I live in Phoenix,Arizona, extreme hot weather during summers - 110-120. I just got a curry plant from LA, its been two weeks. Being september mid , i left the plant outside last night , i found black tips in the leaves, and the leaves also started to fall. I do not see any insect on the plant or leaves. Why has the leaves turned black on tips. Since Arizona being extreme hot weather during summers, do i need to get the plant indoor during summers too ? Also what is the proper time and way of watering the plant?

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I live in Alaska. My curry leaf plant lives indoors and is about to go into it's second winter. Last year it lost all its leaves and then sprouted new ones. It looks as if it is going to lose it's leaves again. Is this normal or is it stressed? I would also like to harvest it's leaves if it is about to lose them all. Would it further stress the plant if I harvested it's leaflets?

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In response to Laknarasim, I too noticed dark tips on my curry leaf plant after I had moved it to a permanent location outside my house - see photo. These are not from mold or insects. We had a couple of chilly nights (low 40's one night and high 40's the next) I covered it the first night, but left it uncovered the second and I believe that the dark tips are it's reaction to being too cold. So it will be bundled up now if we go below 50F! From what people here say, it seems to like really hot weather, and it does go dormant in cooler weather. They do best in sandyish soil (like Florida has) regular potting soil can be too moist for them. So far no flowers or berries and I am going on year 4.

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Does anyone know if this picture is a Gamthi variety of curry leaf plant.

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This plant is the slowest growing curry leaf tree I have. I have a dwarf and several regular ones, but this one is odd, because leaves color is different and slow growing...

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Curry leaf plants in my backyard grown from seeds. I live in San Bernardino, California. email me if you are interested.

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More pictures of curry leaf plant.

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wsmano(Vic Aust)

Asian Curry plants for sale. Please ring on 97760494 if you are in Melbourne.

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wsmano(Vic Aust)

Please ignore earlier message

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Just picked up this little tree from my local nursery. Lots of flowers and buds. Should I hold off repotting? What potting mix would work best? Does anyone use foliage pro on their curry leaf tree?

This post was edited by farm96744 on Tue, Mar 4, 14 at 1:00

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I am planning to get 1 or more curry leaf plants (murraya koeniigi) for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Question: I have read the plant likes sandy soil and dislikes getting "soggy". I will grow in pots ⦠should I use succulent potting mix? Or recommendations on best soil mix for potted curry plant?

Also I have read the plant dislikes being re-potted. So do you suggest to pot in a 5 or 10 gallon to make sure it has room to grow? I live in an area with HOT DRY summers and 27 degree winters ⦠so plan to have it indoors during November - April and outdoors May - October.

any advice appreciated ⦠also anyone in my area with plants or seeds? I am in Ojai, CA (1.5 hours north of Los Angeles)

Thank you & kind regards

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I just caught two asian psyllids on my tree, which seem to prefer the curry leaf tree over the citrus that I have! I do know it's related to the citrus family. We're so far negative for HLB in Hawaii but seeing the psyllids is enough to drill things in on how serious the situation really is.

If you're in Southern CA where there is the threat of both psyllids and HLB. It would probably be best to get seeds and keep indoors by a sunny window. Or source from a non-quarantine state and be very very vigilant and/or spray.

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hi farm, i would like to have your inputs regarding Asian Psyllids.

I live in Dallas, TX. i have couple of curry leaf plants and a kumquat tree that I got from local Costco, I think my Kumquat is infested with asian psyllids and they also spread to my Papaya tree, which was near the Kumquat tree.

My plants were in the garage for the winter and I didn't notice these bugs/asian psyllids. Almost 40% of Kumquat is dried.

Attached are the close up pictures

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Hey Fruits,

The good news is that if they did spread to your papaya tree, then they most likely are scale and not citrus psyllids which are specific to citrus and closely related species like the murraya curry leaf tree.

The bad news is that unlike psyllids which quickly emerge out of the covered scale like stage and you can then spray; scale can be very resistant to spray because they stay under that thick covering.

And since the trees are for edible purposes, the other method of dousing the soil which a systemic chemical wouldn't be good.

You'll need to manually pick off each and every scale. then spray with neem or bayer to get all the mobile nymphs. this will get the scale infestation under control. there will be one or two survivors, but you can eventually pick them off.

Looks like there is also some spider mite infestation, which probably accounts for the rapid drying, so spraying will also help take care of that.

Remember to trim off all the dead dried out twigs.

To summarize, pick off the scale, spray, then bring them outside! Make sure you let the top layer of soil get bone dry before watering. And then drench the pot completely. Don't fertilize until you get rid of the bugs.

It's not going to be pretty (back when I was on the mainland, my scale infested citrus was shipped from Texas so I've literally been in the same boat). Hang it there, and they'll pull through!

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Thanks farm for the detailed response.

I'm relieved that these are not asian psyllids. I did check all my curry leaf plants and none so far have been infected with these bugs or spider mites. It took 3 years for me to get my curry leaf plants in shape :-), but I'm worried about my jasmine plants, which were close to the Kumquat, hope none got infected.

I bought neem oil spray from local nursery yesterday and applied to my Kumquat and Papaya trees, before that I wiped the trees with clorox disinfect wipes. I know it is going to be hard work but determined to get rid of them from my plants.

Thanks again farm. Could you please post some pictures of your curry leaf plants, i would like to get an idea for pruning/shaping my curry leaf plants.

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Hi i am living in Johannesburg South Africa.

I have had this curry leaf plant for more than 10 years. recently there seems to be an infestation of some kind on the leaves of the tree.

Can somebody please help me?

Thanking You in Advance

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Anyone can help me ? I am actually living in Valencia Spain and last September i bought a curry leaf plant from Reunion island on a visit and it is about 10 inches tall.Since January it has lost its leaves and now its small branches too first the leaves becoming yellowish then a bit dark or brownish.Now i only have the stem ( small trunk) in photo nº 1

I also brought couple of small pants uprooted from a garden and i planted then in a pot and one started to shoot as can be seen in PHOTO Nº 2.About 3 inches high and then it lost its leaves and now even the stem is drying from the top.

is it possible for you to answer both questions or shall i write the second one in a different post?

What can it be?i tried to see if there were bugs etc but could not find any.What could it be? what treatment can i use to help it or any treatment which could be generic for any kind of bugs.Thank you very much for your time and help .


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