Not a Red Lion?

gmwill(5 Northern IL)February 10, 2011

I first thought this was a Red Lion but has been wondering why it seems not as dark as what I had last year.

Could it has been Orange Sovereign? I bought it as Red Lion at Target in the S&H specialty section.


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Last year I got a Red Lion type as a mislabel, and this year it bloomed a very large dark orange..not red at all. I also have a Red Peacock which is a Red to the orange side and this year it was as orange as could be, not a hint of red in it. These things can happen.. due to temperatures and summer growing conditions.. but whatever you have got there is the most beautiful red flower I've seen in a long time! What a lovely shot you got of it..enjoy it!


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gmwill(5 Northern IL)


Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. I guess we will have to see how it turns out next year.

This "Red Lion", nontheless, is a beauty.
I do enjoy it.


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I bought a Red Lion from Target in their S&H section and got a Flamenco Queen instead! You never know exactly what you are going to get. My hubby calls it fraud to advertise (show a picture and a name of a certain hippie) and receive something other than what is advertised. I a happy with what I got, so what does he know!

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gmwill(5 Northern IL)


I am happpy for your good fortune for both your Flamenco Queen and hubby. He seems to be an honest guy. Sometimes they could be a bit stubborn, but you know they mean well and are unlikely to lie to you. Happy Valentine to you both!


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