Limona Putting Out Scapes.....BUT.......

aveo5February 17, 2012


Well my pot crammed full of 'Limona' bulbs, is putting out a scape from each of its 5 bulbs,exactly 1 year to the day it bloomed last year:), i keep track,I just saw the scapes peaking out today, BUT this is very odd and I wanted to find out if it happens to others, or is this something that THIS variety does, or what?

Each bulb has/had like 2-3 nice green leaves on them,but they are now dropping off, turning yellow and dropping off. So I will just have the scapes. kind of a cool look I bet! I know it had leaves on it last year...but is this 'normal' for this variety to do 'bald' when it blooms, or do amaryllis just do this sometimes when certain ones bloom? Or is it just a fluke? I just kind of wanted to know. I have a pot full of bald bulbs now with the tips of scapes peaking out of each bulb, I will have to divide then after they bloom ,the pot is crammed tight,it will burst if the bulbs get a CM. bigger.

Also, now that the scapes are just showing, can I move them into a shadier spot, my front northern facing porch,so I can enjoy them, when the scapes get tall and bloom. At the moment the pot is under a gardenia bush it gets a lot of sun nearly all day till 3pm or so. and on the ground.

Can I move it to the porch,which is all shade, or will I mess up the scapes? Thanks for input.

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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

This is the time of year that all of my indoor bulbs have their old leaves turn yellow and I pull them off. Scapes are starting to peek out and new leaves are forming. That's just the normal thing for my indoor bulbs in Feb-March.

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Well I guess my post is boring...thanks for your reply. Guess my bulbs will be beautiful in the end, and I will move them to the porch once they are fully grown.

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