Stunned wolfberry seedling

ladyjenny(Z9a TX Houston)May 21, 2004

I bought some wolfberry seeds from Richters and set them out. Two seedlings came up and one just recently died. It hasn't grown at all beyond the 1st set of leaves (for almost 2 months now!). It is given moisture and sun. I am trying to set more seed out in seed trays, but I am getting very frustrated.


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Hi Ladyjenny,

What are wolfberry? Never heard of them.

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Piksi and Ladyjenny,
I was fortunate to received some cuttings from a very nice person on this board. The vine has grown and I am getting some side shoots this Spring. I'll be happy to share some cuttings with you. Please e your addy.

Piksi, I still have your address. Wolfberry is "gou gai" in Cantonese, or "gou zhi" in Mandarin. We use the leaves and berries for different kinds of soup. BTW seeds from your pac choi are growing nicely. I couldn't wait for them to mature, I keep cutting the baby leaves and spinach leaves for stir fry. Are you still looking for "fu gwa" seeds?

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Check this thread for information on Lycium chinense.

Very good of you to pass the kindness along....


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Macaronicat, has your wolfberry fruited yet? I've read it's a very healthful fruit, but the seeds I planted last summer never sprouted.

Have a Nice Day

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I lost some of mine last year due to too much sun - they seemed to do better in filtered light until I got some growth on them.

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ladyjenny(Z9a TX Houston)

Update on wolfberry: I planted another seed in a small yogurt container 10 days ago and now one *healthy* looking seedling came up. I am crossing my fingers. Richters say on their website germination is rather easy. It is true so far.
Thanks Violet for your help. I replied your email. Thanks!
P.S. did you know some dried wolfberry fruits from China have color added to them so they will remain nice looking red? More reason to grow my own!

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My plant has not fruited yet, I planted it last Fall. I heard it takes 1-2 yr before it sets fruit, and it is usually in Oct or Nov. something like that.

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Hey All,
Could you tell me the site address for Richter's?


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Have you checked the thread above for other sources for cuttings?

Here is a link that might be useful: To Richter's Website

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lady_bug(Z5 SW Chicago)

I ordered seeds for Goji from a different source - they sent me a small baggie with 2 goji berries which I planted last year. Gave the plant to my father but he said the leves were not as "leafy" as the ones they use for eating the leaf.

If anyone has a cutting available that they know is the correct variety, I would be willing to pay $ for it. I know the benefits of goji and would like to get it for my parents.

I will follow advice I have seen and get a cutting from his garden also and plant in a more shaded area in my garden and wait for results.

Also, how long does it take before the plant will make berries? Are the leaves better if no berries are formed?


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locust(z9 CA)

I' ve eaten the dried raisins of Goji or Wolfberry and I was very very impressed by the flavor. I had to consciously stop eating them knowing their nutritional potency.

I would also appreciate any info on growing them or more specifically where to buy these lycium/Goji/Wolfberry plants?

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The fruit is often used in soups.

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jenn_of_ark(6 AR)

I got four berries (I think from which I left in the refrigerator for a year ... then about a month ago now, I soaked them overnight in water, then slit open & took the teensy seeds on a knife tip & swiped 'em onto some potting soil in plastic pots under plastic cover. Lots of little plants coming up, but ... they've stopped at the two-baby-leaf stage ... maybe I should turn the growlight off a couple times during the day? if they need some shade? or plant in deeper pots? I changed grow lights 'cause I think the one they were under was a plain fluorescent ... they're just sitting there looking just the same day after day(?) not growing any more(?)

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Are you saying you keep your grow light on 24 hours a day? Plants need rest just like people do. Turn off your grow light at night.

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dose anyone know if Wolfberries can be grown in hydroponic system? would anyone be able to send some cuttings? or advise where i could find some. thanks, Rob

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Yes, I'm sure they would do fine in a hydroponic system.

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thanks violet, ill give growing hydroponic wolfberries a try and keep you posted.

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You can also get them from me. ;)

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There is a thread in Fruits & Orchard forum where you will find more info.Thread is titled as Goji/Wolfberries - need info.You will see the pics. with berries.

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Anyone know what depth the roots get to for this plant, and what type of spacing is required?

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Your kindness has spread to Thailand, Austin TX, Tokyo Japan, and somewhere near DC in VA (don't remember which city)! Thanks.


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Somebody please encourage me. I bought a small wolfberry plant in early spring. It is planted in filtered light in rich composted soil with drip system.
This summer it produced 11 berries and two leaves. It does not look happy.
Winter is coming. My garden helper sniffed and said "everyone wants one no one can keep one"....but some of these posts sound like this is a vigorous and easy to grow plant. Please give me some suggestions how to make this much desired berry welcome in my habitat. Thank you.

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I have just a little experience in growing goji, and I've made a few observations that may help others along the way. I've noticed on a few batches from seed that after they germinate they will sprout and spread they're first set of leaves quickly. After this their roots put on more growth before the seedlings will grow their first true leaves, so be patient with this step. One thing to speed this up is to plant in a pot that is relatively deep compared to its width, I've noticed the roots will grow mostly downward rather than outward.(lets just say 1.5inch height/inch of width). You want to try to give its roots less obstacles when it's trying to spread it's legs and toes.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

ShamanChu, you may have Lycium Exsertum, which is the variety of goji native to Arizona. If so, I'd love some cuttings or seeds.

Actually, I'm interested in seeds and/or cuttings of all varieties of goji/wolfberry to find what works best for me.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Actually the 2 plants did bear a few seeds and I ate them all.
Now it is getting cold and no more fruit. The plant is mighty weak. Will see if they survive till next year. Now it can not withstand the stress of cutting... barely alive.

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I grow gojiberry aka wolfberry, all the time. They are the ones you get from Richters and are easy to grow in a seed tray under lights.
Take a berry, open it up and remove the seeds. There are usually 30 to 50 seeds in a berry. I plant the seeds in a nine cell with ordinary seed starting soil and use a heated mat underneath. I usually plant 5 seeds per cell and will usually have three plants come up.that is about 27 plants per 9 cell pack.
After the second set of leaves come up, take them off the heat mat. Once they have 3 or 4 sets of leaves, you can transplant them into 3 inch pots.

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