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zachslc(6 Salt Lake City)May 7, 2006

I apologize for duplicity as I have already posted this on the "Asian Gardening" forum before I realized there was a forum specific to Asian vegetables.

I have never grown any kind of soybean before. I know that many soybean varieties are latitude sensitive. However, I have acquired "Tohya" seeds from the Botanical Interests brand and printed on the seed packet is: "Tohya is a short-season variety perfect for growing anywhere in North America...". Would I be better off to find a variety specifically suited for my latitude? I am at 40° N with very hot/dry summers.

Much Thanks!


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There are always many variables even from year to year in the same spot. Why not see which does best for you by planting both?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Just finished the google search on "Tohya"; boy is Botanical Interests hyping this, same entry everywhere word-for-word... but I eventually found a favorable reference to it in a Canadian field trial, so it should do well for you. I will have to add this one to my soy trials for next year.

Most of the other popular edamame varieties ("Butterbean", "Shirofumi", "Shironomai", "Sayamusume") are Maturity Group I; "Envy" is a little faster in Group 0, and "Agate" faster still in Group 00. I have grown all of these in central Wisconsin, so you should have no trouble. Hope this helps.

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