do amaryills change colors from year to year

Lorna1949February 9, 2014

last year it was very dark red like almost black this year it is a bright red when I took it out of the fridge I waited a day and then water it waited 3 more days and gave it some 10 52 10 so it is blooming ok but the color has change a lot

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Do you have pictures to compare it with. The color of the flower will change slightly depending upon its conditions for example what type of lighting it has or how cold or warm it is, its basic surroundings. But the flower will never be red one year and white the next year. I also fine that my memory is not what it used to be so it's best to have pictures to compare it to. It's very pretty all the same.

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brigarif Khan

Lorna, why 10-52-10?

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sorry I got Mix up My daughter got me 3 Amaryllis in one month she gave me one in a vase and 2 pots with the bulbs in it and I thought the dark one was the one in the pot now looking at the pictures the dark one is in the vase and the light one is in the pots so sorry about the mix up

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