anyone with really dark green curry leaf plant ?

ani_t(bellevue, wa)May 30, 2004

Hi all,

I amm looking for a curry leaf plant with really dark green leaves. I found some leaves in the indian store which are not very dark green. The kin dI am looking for is super dark green- oily green smaller leavers.



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andy_sa(South Australia)

The leaves go lighter the longer they are kept dried. Better to buy fresh leaves if you can, then stick them in the freezer. I find they keep their colour - and flavour - that way.

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ani_t(bellevue, wa)

I agree, that happens, but I am talking about fresh leaves that I've seen here in the US. They are quite a few shades lighter and have bigger leaves than the ones I've known.

I read somewhere on gardenweb that there are two varieties- big leaf and with small leaf...

Thanks for the tip anyway. I desperately want to grow one. I know I probably wont find it in time to grow it this summer.


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paperwhite(z10 AZ)


I live in Phoenix AZ and i have a curry leaf plant, in winter i notice that the leaves are light green, not much growth, but come summer, they turn dark green and currently putting out a lot of new growth. I planted it three years ago in full sun, it was 10 inches long, now it is almost 6 ft tall. I got in from a nursery in San Diego.

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I agree with paperwhite.My curry leaf plant shows the same seasonal variation. I live in Marylnd which is cooler than AZ my plant sheds off some leaves and does not show any growth in winter.


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where could i buy a plant?

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Pl.go to search section GW page and type the name of the plant.


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I just recently bought a curry plant from Pacific Tropical Garden (808 896 5590) and its leaves are dark green and thriving in New Jersey.

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wsmano(Vic Aust)

There are several cultivars of Curry Plant(Murraya koenigii). One of the cultivar has dark green leaves with strong aroma and is fairly resistant to cold weather in Melbourne compared to light green ones.

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