Curry Plant Insect?

pkayenMay 12, 2006

I have a curry plant in a pot. Its leaves are getting curly and kind of misshaped. I examined the soil in the pot and found some small insects. I think these may be causing the problem. Anyone else seen something like this? Is there a way to get rid of these? Will be grateful for any help. Thanks.

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There are a lot of insects out there. You're going to have to post a picture or describe them in as much detail as possible. Size, shape, color, where they are on the plant, etc. We can't tell you how to get rid of them until we know what they are.

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I am afraid pictures are not possible. They are in the soil. They are almost invisible, very small (much smaller than ants) and the same color as the soil. I can only make out they are there because they move. I have also seen a few with wings and flying about. I may be overreacting too (Last year I lost a holy basil plant that was looking really lush). The leaves are still looking green, a little pale, and somehow shaped differently, but there is new growth too. Now that we are getting more sun during the day (the pesky marine layer does hang around in the mornings), I am hoping things will improve.

Another curry leaf plant I have developed some sticky substance along the stem and all the leaves started to droop. In general, what pests attack these plants? I had somehow expected them to be pest-resistant (can't say why, though).

If any of the above gives you enough clues, do let me know what you think. Thanks.

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What type of soil are you using? Where did you get it? How much did it cost? Is this the "Helichrysum italicum"? There are always living things in the soil. I suspect it is not the insects that are causing any trouble. How often do you water? What are day and night temps in your location? Have you fertilized or sprayed or anything else recently?

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I am afraid I have created some confusion. I said curry plant when I should have said curry leaf plant (murraya koenigii). This plant has been in the pot for a couple of years. The soil used at that time was some brand of potting soil. It is about three feet tall now. The leaves look a little pale (a touch of yellow almost on some) and some are curling. It has been kept outdoors throughout. We do not get any frost here. I water when the soil seems dry to about half inch depth. I recently (a month back) fertilized with EB Organics All Purpose Plant food. I do not spray anything on the plant.

The temps have been moderate this last month (upper 60s to low 70s days, mid-50s nights), no rain. But the mornings are overcast and the marine layer rolls in towards evening. But the days are lengthening, so will the hours of sunlight. As I said earlier, that may just make it better.

Thanks again for taking the trouble.

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It is likely that it is a result of the fertilizer. Always dilute any fertilizer - organic or not - to half strength. If it's been in the same soil for three years, consider taking the root ball out, and loosening the soil and the roots a bit around the bottom and the edges. If it is rootbound, go to a pot that is 1-2 inches wider than the existing pot. Either way, use new good quality potting soil like Fafard brand which contains nutrients already so you don't have to fertilize. I water pots when the soil just starts to come away from the sides of the pot.

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Sticky substance is due to low temperarure during winter time.Once you take the plants out door in summer time it will disappear.To avoid this problem, trim the branches and most of the leaves before taking plants inside at the end of the summer.

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Thank you Violet for the responses. I will check the soil and monitor the plant for some more time. I will keep your suggestion reg. watering in mind.

Chaman, thanks for your response as well.

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